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Updated by J Paul Hendricks on Mar 26, 2022
Headline for Investing, Personal Finance & Life Planning Basics
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Investing, Personal Finance & Life Planning Basics

Here are some great articles on investing, personal finance, and life planning.

Rethinking Income: Your Most Valuable Asset and Income as ROI - Digital Downshift

Our aspirations and objectives in life vary widely from one person to the next. These variations and differences are what make us the diverse and potent species that we are. The unique variations and motivations also drive our choices in life and can be a well-spring of value, if we leverage them properly.

Building Your DIY Investment Portfolio (At Any Income) - TFD Studio

The idea of "DIY Investment Portfolio" is right up my alley. This post goes through the entire process of building a DIY investment portfolio that meets your needs, achieves your goals, and can give you the confidence to sleep well through even the most turbulent market shifts.

What is great is that the lessons work at any income and can be set into motion at any age — you do not need to be rich to have an investment portfolio, and the best day to get started building is today.

Personal Rate Of Return Reconsidered

The term “personal rate of return” refers to return on investment, and was first used by traditional financial firms. Even for standard investment products and accounts there is confusion about how to calculate it. But the traditional concept of “personal rate of return” is also incomplete, and should apply to far more than just your standard financial investments.

How to Invest in Stocks: Quick-Start Guide for Beginners - NerdWallet

Nerd Wallet is a great source that covers the basic building blocks of personal finance and investing. This simple guide to stock investing is perfect for beginners.

Grow Your Personal Life Assets

When we think about our financial portfolio we expect that the stocks, funds or other assets will generate income and investment returns. But there is so much more we all possess that creates and holds value, and these life assets contribute even more to the true sum total of our what some people call holistic wealth.

Learn How to Start a Blog That Earns over $400k a Year

Andrew at Listen Money Matters is an investment and startup idol of mine. His story here, and the lessons learned are a great read. He also spells out exact steps to turn online publishing into cash flow.