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Party Wear

Party deodorant. The strong citrus-fougere deodorant contains notes of Lavender, Vetiver, and Musk. RIYA’s Party is perfect for late-night events and parties. Created as the best perfume for
men and women. This citrus yet mystical scent is a great choice for the modern and young generation. The heady, long-lasting fragrance is a great choice for those who like being the center of attention.


Party Wear RIYA

Party Wear RIYA

Riya party wear perfume is the new way to enjoy a fragrance. It smells like you've just stepped out of the shower and into your day. The fragrance is a mixture of ingredients that create an irresistibly healthy blend of perfume. This fragrance uses natural ingredients like lavender, bergamot, and apricot. Let your skin be your own personal fragrance

Melody Perfume Will Make You Feel Like a Symphony

Melody perfume, the perfume for all occasions, is a perfect blend of floral sweetness. A blend of floral sweetness, the perfect long-lasting perfume, and the eternal promise of a morning to remember. This classified as Eau de perfume fragrance attracts those who are looking for something different. It captures the eternal promise of morning melodies and the best long-lasting perfume for women and men.

Hum Tum Perfume- Ideal for Your Next Date Night

The must-have and long-lasting perfume, hum tum perfume is here to captivate the senses and redefine culture. This modern perfume blends both East and West together and embodies the fluidity of cultural boundaries. With an exquisite blend that appeals to all ages, this fragrance is sure to attract romance.

Born Rich Perfume: Designed to Match Your Personality

[Born Rich Perfume]is a fragrance for youth, Designed to be a long-lasting perfume for men, Born Rich's fragrance is classified as an Eau de perfume. For the youthful entrepreneurs breaking free from legacy, Born Rich Perfume is an elite fragrance that can be worn with pride. for those who've broken free from the legacy of family, society, and culture. It's a fresh Fougere with a touch of luxury. You'll smell like somebody's son or grandson, someone who's been born rich.

The Best Aromatic Fragrance by Riya Bawri

Riya Bawri is a fragrance that is classified as an Eau de parfum. It's daring and confident with a mix of naughty and cute. A fragrance for women who are not afraid to be different. Riya Bawri is perfect for the girl who loves life, loves people, and loves to live life in the moment.

Bindas Perfume - The Perfect Fragrance for Everyday Use

The scent of a night out on the town. A blend of woody aromatic scents that will leave you feeling light and ready for anything once you've put it on. Blend of smoky and spicy notes to make a fragrance that's perfect for an evening on the town. It's time to part with the old days of wearing the same old perfumes and shake off the monotony of wearing only one fragrance. With bindas, you get a bindas perfume that smells of mystery and allure.

Riya Black Rock - The scent of enduring stability

Black Rock perfume is a chic, modern and timeless fragrance that captures the spirit of a woman in her prime. The top is fresh with Lavender & Bergamot, while the heart leads with Apple blossoms & Orange blossoms, finishing with the bottom layer of Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Coumarin.

Bela Room Freshener Spray—Best Room Freshener for Your Home -

Bela Room Freshener Spray is the best room freshener for your home. It's a safe, natural and effective way to make your home smell fresh and clean. Your family will love it, too!

Bouquet Top Rated Room Air Fresheners | Purpos Planet -

Get top rated room air fresheners from Purpos Planet. Find the best scents and fragrances for your home, office, or wherever you need them. Pick up a room air freshener today!

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As Immediately welcoming, always in vogue, Champa effectively masks all odors in the house, be it pet or food. If you believe that the essence of your interiors lies in your lifestyle, bring Champa home because real comfort is where the mind can relax.

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Jasmine snatches attention and evokes positive reviews. You may like to spritz it on your sheets, upholstery, or simply into the air. Keep it in your lobby to greet people, create a home autograph scent for everyone who enters your home and take pride in the compliments.

Lavender Room Freshener - Best Natural Room Air Freshener -

Lavender Room Freshener is a refreshing and fragrance-infused natural room air freshener made with only natural ingredients. It makes your home smell amazing while also actually being good for the environment.

Bring A Lemony Touch To Your Room With Room Freshener Lemon -

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to make your home smell clean and fresh, try Room Freshener Lemon. This room freshener spray eliminates odors while making your home look great.

Freshen The Air in Your Room With Rajnigandha Room Freshener -

Rajnigandha Room Freshener is a great choice of room freshener that helps in removing all the odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance. It is not just a room freshener, but also an air purifier

Freshen Up Your Space with Our Rose Room Freshener -

Our Rose Room Freshener is perfect for the bedroom, living room, office, and other spaces. It will fill your space with a floral scent and make it your own with a handmade look.

Sandal Room Freshener to Give Your Home a Fresh New Smell -

Even though you may love your home, it can get a little stale after awhile. Freshen up with the Sandal Room freshener to give your home a fresh new smell!