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10 Tempting Dishes and Drinks to Try in Maldives – Tease your taste buds

The Maldives is an indulgent destination, where luxury and beauty conspire ever so sweetly to make you feel like royalty. And the suns kissed archipelago presents an abundance of delectable dishes to try.


The food culture in the Maldives

The food in the Maldives is mildly infused in spices and coupled with an exquisite delicacy passed down from generation to generation. While neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka and India, Maldivian food retains its own flavours and textures. If you are looking for Maldives full board options, you are on the right track. Most resorts in the country including the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives offer a wide selection of cuisines to guests. You can find plenty of options including vegetarian and vegan. Let us take a look at some of the best dishes to try when you are in the Maldives.


Garudhiya – Fish soup

This is a comfort dish for the average Maldivian. This sea tasting, fragrant, wholesome fish soup is served with lime, chilli and onion along with some rice.


Mas Huni - Shredded Smoked Tuna

Another local favourite, Mas Huni is shredded smoked tuna presented with some shredded coconut flakes, a dash of lemon and onion. Locals eat this succulent dish for breakfast with chapati or a flaky bread called 'Roshi.'


Masroshi - Tuna Stuffed Chapati

Stuffed with slow-smoked tuna and coconut, flavoured with curry leaves and spices, these chapatis will entice your taste buds to want more.


Bis Keemiya – Samosa

A hash between samosa and spring rolls, Bis Keemiya is a great snack. The delicate pastry is filled with tuna and hardboiled eggs as well as sautéed onions and shredded cabbages.


Boshi Mashuni - Banana Flower Salad

It is a salad and a salsa, with a crunchy texture of shredded banana flowers and fresh coconuts. The curry leaves, turmeric, cumin, spices, lime and Maldivian chilli add extra flavour and tang to the dish.


Fried Yams

Crunchy and first bite and moist as you bite into it, fried yams are made with locally grown yam roots. They serve this particular snack with a zesty choice of sauces.


Fish curry

Fish is a staple in the Maldives. Fish curry in the Maldives tends to be creamy and spice packed. They use skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi and frigate tuna to make fish curry. The curry is served with rice or roshi and some papadhu and poppadom.
Tharukaaree Riha is a testament to the country's close ties to India and Sri Lanka. The Maldivian version of vegetable curry is full of pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots and green beans. Flavoured with fragrant pandan leaves and curry leaves, tharukaaree Riha is delicious and healthy.


Rihaakuru - Fish Paste

This thick, spicy and umami tasting paste is made with fish cooked slowly over a fire for a long time. You can rihaakuru as a dip to devour flaky roshi.


Saagu Bondibai - Sago Pudding

Boiled with coconut milk, sago pudding is then laced with condensed milk. They add cardamom and rose water to bring out the flavours.