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Blogs from #FridayLinky 24Aug2013

Bringing all the blogs that were referred on the Facebook Group here

My Blogging Journey- Celebrating Two years and An Award

This 15th August I truly celebrated. Not only India's independence but a small win for me too. I won the Indiblogger Indian Blog Awards 2013 for Parenting. is a story I have chronicled in a post I wrote a while back. But I never really shared the journey of behind the scenes with my readers.

Shocks and Shoes: Recipe for the Week - Chinese Almond Cookies (Baking Partners Challenge #13)

I'm baaaackk!!!!!! And about time, too J . How long has it been, a month? Two? Whew, that is the longest I've stayed away from my blog and my readers (I hope there are still at least a few of you guys left J ) I didn't actually plan a blog-cation or anything, I just got really busy with preparations for my brother's wedding, and then Ramadan and Eid.

My Baby fell off the bed! - ShishuWorld - Indian Website for Parents, Mom Blog, Parenting tips, Pregnancy care

Other's assurances don't help much in such a case but it is always good to be prepared for such an eventuality. Most of the times babies do not get hurt much as their skulls are much softer than adults and thus able to absorb the impact.

Design Decor & Disha: DIY: Sunburst Mirror

Here is long due and promised post on Sunburst mirror tutorial. Lot of readers mailed me to know how to make this sunburst mirror, so here I'm sharing it with you all lovely and wonderful readers :) Hardboard -2 (8 Inches diameter) Mirror-1 (8 Inch diameter) Skewers 32 (I used broom sticks though) Embroidery mirrors in 2 sizes Acrylic color of your choice Get mirror of your desired size.

Ladies Independence Special

When Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru made this speech 66 years ago, as the Prime Minister of Independent India, the joy of the nation knew no bounds. It must have truly been an Epic moment! As we look back, maybe we haven't achieved all that we set out to.

Bumps n Baby

Almost all moms have one common complaint - My baby doesn't eat vegetables, doesn't like vegetable juice and when they grow up , veggies are a big NO NO except finger chips and packaged potato chips!! I have seen my cousins go through this phase, so I wanted to make sure that my baby loves veggies, be it in any form.

Have you been a good host?

Tips for a good host Dear Friends, We have had family and friend's staying overnight a number of times. I needed a list for myself, so that I know I have covered all grounds to ensure our guests feel comfortable. You guessed it, I am a LIST person.

Smells of nostalgia of an Indian childhood

Has it ever happened to you that a particular aroma transports you right back into your childhood, back to being a little girl? I believe nostalgia has its own unique fragrance redolent of beautiful times? And there is something beautifully Indian about our childhood memories and the aromas we associate with them.

Tricolor Pasta (Pasta with Roasted Vegetables): Baby and Kiddie Food Recipes

I wanted to make something in tricolor for the "Independence Day Special" post. As usual, I turned to Almighty Google for ideas. I came across this salad made of carrots, baby corn, and broccoli, which gave me an idea for this dish--p asta in white sauce with roasted vegetables .

Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs

Last year I started a series on my parenting site called How to be a Mom Entrepreneur in India. I started it because I was interacting with a lot of smart entrepreneurs who happened to be moms too, on a daily basis.

Must Have Feminine Hygiene Products -VWash

About VWash With an active lifestyle which involves daily traveling feminine hygiene has become a important issue.I got serious about it after my marriage when I got infected with bacterial infection twice.


My Wandering Wednesday Series are dedicated to the flight of my imagination now and then, captured by my camera lens or nestled in my album. And then, songs and movies simply fill in the gaps for the right captions! I try to give you the back story of the picture too.

Juzt a mom!!!!!: Singing Birds

Carpe Diem Special #53, Kikaku's "a flock of swallows"

Between Write and Wrong

'Insanely special' is not a coincidental combination of words. It is as exclusive a coinage as the people it is being used for here - the dilliwalahs. If I was to ask you to draw a picture of a person from Delhi, chances are you will either fall short of colours in your crayon box, or you will fail to depict the maddening energy that those from Delhi enjoy.

Aishwarya Eats

I have been on an Italian food spree. I mean it. Spaghetti, mozzarella, lasagna, bruschetta, risottos everywhere I go! A bunch of it for a particular work, work which I love. A large part of it for the Pomodoro Bloggers' Table. And lots of pizza for you know, fun.

DIY - Boring Mats to An Exciting Decor

Ambiance Lamp Using Dining Place-mats Hey friends, from today onwards we are going to start a new category which will be called "Fundoo Friday". That means, all your coming Fridays will be as fundoo as ours. Yeah! Sounds cool, isn't it (!). Any guesses what are we up-to???

Womanatics: True Story: Born To A Deaf and Dumb Mother

Love has no language. Motherhood has no parameters. A mother does not need any language to express her love to her children and nor she needs a metric to measure her love. Doesn't this sound like the most basic truth in the world? Yes, it does. Just that we often forget it.

G'Gina's Kitchenette: Mummy's Special Apple Pie

To celebrate crossing 10,000 visitors, I thought what better than this warm, comforting Apple Pie that my Mum used to make for us. Let me take this opportunity to thank all my readers for their interest in my food blog and I just want to say how thankful I am that I began this blog to share my recipe creations.

Life Without Goals

I've lived my entire life without goals. And for most of it, I felt slightly guilty about having no goals. Whenever I read or heard of people working hard and in a focused manner towards their goals, I wanted to imitate them.

Sibling love - Brotherly love

Just when you feel frustrated, you get a see a ray of hope. Just when you feel you know them, kids can surprise you and gladden your heart! The Brothers have been having fights at the rate of one every three seconds nowadays.

Dress To The Nines....

As one of my closet cousin & SIL is getting married in few months time, I was simultaneously doing up lot of leg-work on their wedding ideas. From bridal trousseau to jewellery to decor, the list is enormous. Apart from brides, I need to plan for bridesmaid & all the uncle & aunties.

Musings of A Confused Gal

"Achla, you do remember today is the D-day, don't you?" Kalini asked her excitedly, practically bouncing up and down. "Yeah, I do." How could Achla forget this day when she had been waiting for it since last one month? And she hadn't just "waited" for this day; she had practically started living for this day since last couple of weeks.