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Poor Online Reputation: A Pitfall for Small Businesses.

Creating a lasting business depends on so many factors, some within your control, and some outside the control of the CEO, but often, business executive do not give much consideration to factors within their control, and rather they dedicate their time worrying about issues beyond their control.

New Smartphones with Best Cameras

With a host of smartphones being sold today, it may be difficult to differentiate between them and find too drastic differences in what they do. After all, most of their functionality is based on apps, and they are the same for all phones using the same platform.

$3,000 Website Flipping: What I Learned from Selling my Website

About a month or so ago, I published on my blog that I just sold one of my websites for $3,000. I promised to share my lessons on my blog, but on a second thought I feel like sharing the lessons I learned in the process here will reach a wider audience, as my blog is still just under 3 months old, even though we are averaging 300 unique views daily.

Google Comes with a Customizable Android Smartphonhone, Moto X

It took a lot of time to bring out the Google's customizable smartphone onto the lightshow from Motorola. Motorola was famous for their folding phones but with the ongoing saga of the Android hybrids, Motorola could not stand any chance with their smartphones and this is the biggest break that they're going to have with Google.

5 Tools for Better (And More Efficient) Blogging

Writing a daily blog can be extremely difficult work. Some days it seems that every topic has been covered, or you are simply repeating yourself ad nauseam, to the point that people will be turned off.

Surefire Ways To Double Your Blog's Traffic

There are basically 2 things every blogger has in mind (apart from satisfying the needs of your readers), they are building a popular blog and to make money blogging . But there is one factor that plays a major role in building a successful blog and as well earn you a living which is your TRAFFIC.

Ways to Drastically Improve Your On-Page SEO Efforts

Today, you will find the web carrying loads of optimized pages. The objective nowadays is not just to outperform any poorly optimized webpage in different search results but to do the very same thing to any page, which is primarily optimized from an on page SEO perspective.

Top 4 Tools for iOS Developers

When developing iOS apps, it pays to have a mighty set of tools in your holster to make your job that little bit easier - without taking the fun out of developing, of course.

How BlackBerry Could Still Survive
BlackBerry has over the last few years become the epitome of a company falling from the dizziest heights to the most dangerous of lows. Once the pride and joy of Canada and the darling of corporate markets the world over, BlackBerry fell victim to the unstoppable rise of Android and iOS to eventually become something of a third-wheel to an increasingly private party.
Top 10 Free Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs)
A well built standard Gaming PC is not meant only to play just ordinary games. You can get the most out of your gaming PC by joining other hardcore addicted gamers online in playing massively multiplayer online games for FREE.
TechNegi - Technology Problems and Solutions

Solutions of all tech problems you are facing in your daily life. Tips to improve technology, bug fixing, answers of all technology issues.