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Top 5 benefits of Ceylon Tea – Teatime and Health

Sri Lanka and its tea have long been one of the most internationally recognized aspects of this stunning island nation, second only to the beaches and its attraction as a tourism destination. Those who are passionate tea lovers and those who may not be the biggest fan of the beverage just yet may be surprised to learn the health benefits of tea.


Tea and its effects on weight loss

One of the main findings of the health effects of Ceylon green tea has been that it is considered a brilliant asset towards helping people achieve their weight loss goals. What makes this possible is believed to be the compounds that are found called catechin and people who consumed this beverage have also been shown a loss in stomach fat.
There is also another benefit that has been observed in the consumption of black tea which is that it has actively changed the composition of gut bacteria that has had the supplementary effect of impacting weight loss.
When used wisely and in conjunction with other approaches such as exercise and dietary changes, the combination of these elements will certainly aid overall wellbeing.


The impact on cardiovascular health

A big risk factor amongst people, particularly, men is the risk of heart diseases. It is known that men are much more likely to die of heart disease than women, and this condition is referred to as hypertension. This is not to say that just men should watch out for their blood pressure but it has been found that drinking black tea or green tea can help in bringing down blood pressure levels. This also has been shown to assist those who are currently on the precipice of hypertension as well.
Ceylon tea has also shown evidence of being able to mitigate atherosclerosis, which causes blood pressure to increase due to fatty deposits in blood vessels, narrowing the flow of blood.


Tea and tackling cancer

If you are lucky enough to be staying at one of the best hotels in Nuwara Eliya such as the Heritance Tea Factory then be sure to have a good few cups of tea as it is shown that this may help mitigate the onset and aid the treatment of prostate cancer. It is believed that the high levels of antioxidants help eradicate free radicals that make this tea a good agent to fight against the formation of cancer cells.


Boosting your immunity

Having a cup of hot tea can go a long way towards boosting your immunity. This is another effect of the ability of the antioxidants in the tea acting to fight off the free radicals that may be entering the body through either the sun, environment or the food you may be consuming.


Treating diabetes with tea

Ceylon tea has also gained a reputation as being able to help reduce the amount of blood sugar in your body at a given time and has been found to reduce cardiac cataracts.