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Headline for Benefits of having coffee in the office – keeping you on your toes!
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Benefits of having coffee in the office – keeping you on your toes!

Which employee wouldn't love a coffee machine at the office? Not only does coffee bring with it the added kick of keeping you focused for the duration of the time that you spend at work, but a cuppa will also invariably aid productivity and ensure that everyone at the office stays happy and refreshed. Have a look at these benefits penned down that will certainly have coffee drinkers sit up and take notice.


One's level of productivity can go through the roof

Yes, you did read that right! Coffee has been proven to aid and increase productivity considerably than when consuming other beverages during work hours. What's more? You will begin to focus on a given task better while being well-positioned to react and arrive at sound decisions far more efficiently. A piece of recent study evidence this thought based on the fact that 80% of employees showed a greater commitment and motivation to be at their very best when having enjoyed a cup of steaming, hot coffee.


Enhances morale

Low self-esteem can prove to be a killer blow, especially in cases where you have to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. One way to address this will be to supply your office with freshly brewed, gourmet coffee where all and sundry may take advantage of such a valuable addition. Alternatively, an employee who sees that his or her employer goes the extra mile to create a better work environment will never see the need to slack off.


Let's those around you know that you care

Coffee can come off as being a valuable perk carrying a relatively low price tag that you can factor in if you want to show everyone at the office that you have their best interests at heart. Not only does drinking coffee provide a good break from the day-to-day operations but it essentially gives those an opportunity to recharge which always bodes well if you happen to be running tight deadlines and working within demanding environments. You may also go a step further in making the most of providers of office coffee solutions the likes of Damn Fine Coffee who will see to it that you always have a ready supply of coffee running through your office, literally speaking of course!


Inculcates a positive workplace culture

Work breaks must never be perceived as a portal through which negative vibes can be shared. On the flip side, the chances of engaging in healthy and constructive conversation with your workmates over a steaming cup or two of coffee are a likely outcome. Sharing ideas with your 'go-to' beverage in hand has been known to work wonders in the form of channeling newer opinions and building connections on a more consistent basis.


An outstanding pain reliever

These aren't mere words or casual schools of thought for research studies have revealed that consuming coffee can alleviate or reduce pain in your body. On average, having two cups of coffee per day can contribute towards reduced muscle pain by a staggering 48% which was brought to light during the course of a study on caffeine that was produced by 'The Journal of Pain' in December of 2006.

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