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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Tips for Female Travelers to Dubai – For a safe and fun trip

There is no doubt, that exploring the Middle East can tend to feel intimidating for travellers, even more so for solo female ones. Read on to find out about some top tips to follow while on a visit.


Crime rates are super low

First and foremost, one will be delighted to know that the crime rate in Dubai is very low. Here theft and violent crimes are extremely rare. It's very rare for any items to be stolen and for women to be in danger of any type of attack or even for one to feel unsafe in Dubai in terms of crime. As a solo female traveller in Dubai, you can be can rest assured that you are in a country where the laws are taken very seriously and followed stringently.


It can cost much less than you think

One might be familiar with the notion that Dubai's reputation for riches. However, it's pretty easy to find guesthouses and hotels even under USD 40 per night, and decent ones as well, including comfy beds, Wi-Fi, well-equipped kitchens, and laundry services.


Plenty of transportation options to choose from

In Dubai, there are plenty of ways for solo women to travel around. The metro system is very punctual, cheap, and scrupulously clean. If you prefer using travel apps, the likes of Uber operate here too. Additionally, it's also possible to hire private drivers, but do note that this will be a bit expensive. For those preferring to rent and drive their own car, this is also possible, but keep in mind the traffic can be intense and there are few reckless and crazy drivers to contend with. A unique transportation option for solo female travellers to consider is the women-only pink taxicabs. For those feeling particularly nervous, this is a great way for a solo female traveller to travel around Dubai. Keep an eye for the telltale pink rooftops that indicate the women-only signage. Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai hotels including the likes of Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Dubai also offer hotel cab services to choose from as well.


Be mindful of how you dress

Local women in Dubai generally tend to wear abayas, which is a long black dress along with a head covering known as the hijab. It's also not uncommon to see the more conservative dress such as the full burka. However, you will also see plenty of visiting female tourists and patriates dress in complete westernized outfits. While one can get away with it, opting not to dress this way while visiting Dubai is best as it will stave off any unwanted attention and make offending local sentiments.


Be aware of local laws

This is something travellers regardless of gender and destination should do. This is especially important in the UAE, as it is governed by Sharia law, which many western visitors may not be familiar with. The laws and rules of the UAE forbid using crude language, vulgar behaviour and drinking alcohol. Taking someone's photo especially a female, without permission is prohibited.