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Kosmoderma- Skin Care Products

Kosmoderma Research Centre formulates Skin & Hair care products suited best for Indian skin types. Skincare for face · Face washes · Moisturizers · Sunscreens.

Vitamin C Serum for Skin Whitening

Kosmoderma's Vitamin C Serum harnesses powerful active anti-oxidants like L-Absorbic Acid & Ferulic Acid to protect your skin from damaging free radicals. Suitable for all skin types, Kosmoderma's Vitamin c serum for skin whitening harnesses powerful active anti-oxidants like L-Absorbic Acid & Ferulic Acid to protect your skin from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure.

Best Pigmentation Serum

Most trusted Acne & Pigmentation vitamin C Serum Combo curated for specific acne/blemish concerns. They diminish pigmentation, improve the overall appearance. Buy pigmentation serum for oily skin with vitamin c serum. Best pigmentation serum for most skin concerns.

Kosmoderma Moisture Boost Cream -Moisturiser for Oily Skin

Kosmoderma's Moisture Boost cream is a blend of (naturally) hydrating ceramides & hyaluronic acid that soothe, refresh, moisturize skin, stimulate & renew skin.
It's the perfect pick for nourishing your skin! Moisture Boost cream evens out skin texture and makes it soft & supple. This light gel textured moisturizer. Best moisturizer for oily skin, dry skin and acne-prone skin"

Kosmoderma- Skin Lightening Serum

Brighten your skin by diminishing dark spots & signs of aging, rejuvenate skin with Skin Lightening & Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Skin Brite Boosters Capsule. Shop the best skin lightening serum with vitamin C for face brightening

Kosmoderma - Skin Lightening Cream

Kosmoderma Dermabrite Cream is a must-include in any skincare regime. Get the best niacinamide serum, hyaluronic acid serum and skin lightening cream in one. Best cream for instant glow while moisturising your skin

Kosmoderma Acne & Blemish Control Serum for Acne-Prone Skin

The *Kosmoderma Acne & Blemish control serum *is the best serum for acne with a unique blend of active botanicals that helps: Clear acne, blemishes, and marks, Unclog pores, Reduces whiteheads & blackheads.

Best Gel Sunscreen for Oily Skin- Spf 40 Sunscreen

SPF 40 sunscreen lotion is the most critical skincare regime step to fight the damage from UV light & Blue light. Sunscreen gel spf 40 protects your skin from harmful exposure by forming a thicker layer of sun protection that is non-greasy and stays on for a long time without leaving any residue.

Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer- Light Gel Moisturizer

Kosmoderma's Hydra Boost Gelis a superior skin hydrator and is the answer to all your dry skin problems. The gel also retains your youthful looks. Hydra Boost Gel Moisturizer contains unique ingredients that remain in your skin and continue releasing their benefits longer than any other skin hydrating .

Kosmoderma Daily Gentle Skin Cleanser for all Skin Types

Kosmo Soap free Cleanser is a multi-cleanser that thoroughly cleanses, hydrates, and also protects the skin. It has a unique formula that is suitable for all skin types & conditions. For best results, cleanse your face twice a day. The best gentle skin cleanser for oily skin, dry skin and or acne prone skin.

Kosmoderma Skincare Combo - Face wash, Moisturiser, Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin

Kosmoderma Back to Office Skin Care combo protects & retains the freshness of face throughout your working hours & daily commute to workplaces. The combo contains Sunscreen SPF 40, Gentle skin cleanser, and Moisturizer for Lips