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Clothing for the hospitality industry

Welcome to our list of clothing for the hospitality industry. Here we provide an overview of the most often worn clothing items for kitchen and waiting staff in restaurants, bars and cafes etc.

Chefs Trousers

Wearing Chefs trousers is beneficial for you and others around you, as they are worn for fire safety and comfort in the kitchen as well as for hygiene reasons. Chefs trousers are available in a range of styles and colours so you can always find the right ones to suit your business.




These are a common use for cooking, as the apron should be worn tightly so your clothing underneath is out the way. Wearing no apron can cause baggy pieces of material to catch on fire and they also help to keep mess away from your outfit.


Skull Cap

Skull Cap

this accessory is very useful for keeping hairs away from food by making sure your hair is tucked away. remember... always wash your hands before preparing food


Chefs Jacket

Chefs Jacket

Kitchens are hot places, and the heavy cotton helps insulate you from the searing heat of stoves and ovens, while remaining "breathable" enough that your body's heat can still escape.

Long sleeves help protect arms from burns while reaching across stove burners or into ovens. Cotton also absorbs liquids. Cooks are taught to quickly strip off their jackets if they spill hot oil on themselves, because the jacket absorbs the hot liquid instead of letting it pass through to the skin.
Even those knotted buttons serve a purpose. Ordinary buttons can melt or break, sending fragments into an unsuspecting diner's food. Knotted buttons also slip off more easily in the event of a hot oil emergency as described above.

Half Apron

Half aprons are often worn by waiting staff in restaurants, cafes and bars. Many half aprons com with pockets which can be handy for keeping order pads and pens in when not in use so hands are kept free for carrying orders or returning dishes to the kitchen when finished. These aprons come in many styles and colours and can usually have your company logo or name embroidered or printed onto them.


Tabards are often used within the hospitality and cleaning industry to protect clothing when working. Tabards tend to come in a range of colours and sizes and often feature pockets on the front and side fastenings to keep the tabard in place when being worn. As well as protecting clothing tabards can also be worn for hygiene reasons.

Bar Uniforms

Hospitality bar wear is often used to give a uniform and smart look to bar staff when working. Most bar staff tend to wear black shirts or tops and it is thought this is to keep the tops looking clean even when drinks are inevitably spilt on them. It is possible to have your company logo embroidered or printed on to your bar wear for relatively little cost and this is a great way of advertising your business as well as making it obvious who staff are to customers.