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Updated by Franco Bagaglia on Jul 13, 2023
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Content writing vs Copywriting

Digital content has become incredibly popular for businesses of all types, so there are plenty of opportunities to write. Copywriting and content writing can both apply to different purposes. A business might need one or the other but often needs both as each has their own unique uses.


Content writing vs Copywriting

Content writing vs Copywriting


What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?


Here, we’ll explain the difference between these two roles. There are many benefits to having a Copywriter or Content Writer on your team – you can read more about that here.


Typically, copywriting is short in length whereas content writing can be quite lengthy. As copywriting takes readers through a sales process, it usually doesn’t contain tangents. Content writing, on the other hand, can be much lengthier and contains examples and explanations.


Copywriting is focused on promoting a product or converting a customer and usually contains an offer. Content writing is more about engaging the reader through narrative and hence does not always end with an offer.

When hiring a freelance copywriter, it’s really important to find the right fit. Certain individuals are simply better suited to your company’s specific needs. This might be one person or different people for each kind of writing, so get to know freelancers and explore their work to find a solution that’s best for your needs.

Content writers have their own style of writing, so it’s important to understand what their ‘voice’ is before you hire them. Some writers can change their tone to correspond with your brand, but some will not be a good match.

In short, it depends on the individual and business. While some writers only produce copy or content, others can successfully do both.


What's the difference ?

What's the difference ?


Yes, a business needs to have both copywriting and content writing.


Content marketing is behind the scenes and works to warm up prospects by convincing them it’s worth buying the product. Copywriting, on the other hand, is more geared towards grabbing a prospect with sales language and converting them into a sale right away.

Since content writing builds a relationship of trust with your customer, it encourages your customers to stay loyal to the brand and get them to convert later on.

Examples of copywriting:

  • Website copy
  • SEO landing pages
  • Advertising copy
  • Sales emails
  • Direct mail
  • Paid online ads or social ads
  • Taglines
  • Brochures

Examples of content writing:

  • Blogs
  • Unpaid social media posts
  • E-books
  • Advertorials
  • Case studies


For people that are running their own business, it is unlikely that you will need a copywriter and content writer in tandem. It is much more practical to just hire an AI writer, who can do both jobs on its own as well as handle a lot of other tasks for you.

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