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9 Marine Engineering Facts You Should Know About - Delve into a fascinating side of the oceanic profession

Marine Engineering is for that group of people who don't look at the seas in the same way as the rest of the world does. It is for those folks who possess an incredible passion for making stuff float on water. Do you consider yourself a marine buff as such? Then the following round-up is for you.


Who was the first marine engineer?

Eureka! Eureka! That should tip you off about who the mysterious legend is. The Greek mathematician Archimedes is traditionally regarded as the first marine engineer in the world. The marine systems he developed in his days lay the foundational principles of the industry to date.


How did modern marine engineering begin?

It was 1712, and Thomas Newcomen came up with the first truly successful steam-powered engine, which is much more efficient than the one Thomas Savery patented in 1698. Later in 1807, the legendary Robert Fulton used the same engine to build the world's first commercially successful steamboat, the North River Steamboat.


Where does a marine engineer work?

While this may come as a surprise to some, marine engineers do most of their work behind a desk in an office, using computer software for day-to-day tasks pertaining to their role. Occasionally they head out to the seas for testing of vessels and other related purposes.


How does marine engineering drive the world economy?

Remember the time when the once-famous ship "Ever Given" blocked the Suez Canal and wreaked havoc on the global economy? As the world still relies on the shipping industry to transport more than 90% of the goods, marine engineers play an imperative role in driving the world economy.


How can one learn marine engineering?

Aspiring individuals thinking about a career in marine engineering can avail themselves of related courses offered by various well-respected universities. For instance, if you are hoping to study marine engineering in Sri Lanka, there are several educational institutes that offer courses to help build a career in marine engineering, such as the highly regarded CINEC.


What are the branches of marine engineering?

The field of marine engineering splits into a few different categories, allowing you to further dig into your passions. The six main branches are mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, management and geotechnical engineering.


How challenging is the role of a marine engineer?

The role of a marine engineer differs from one job to another, and so does the level of difficulty. Since this profession has no definite role, it all depends on the environment one operates in. For instance, the role of a marine engineer working in an engine room can be quite challenging compared to others.


Does marine engineering too have a career ladder?

Yes, it does. When it comes to career progression, marine engineering is no different to most other professions. You will have to climb up the ranks to progress your way through the career ladder.


Is marine engineering a promising career?

Marine engineering opens up a myriad of career opportunities every year, thanks to the rising demand of the shipping industry. Anyone thinking about building a career in marine engineering could certainly hope for a bright future.

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