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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
Headline for 5 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Spa Treatment - May your body, mind and spirit rejuvenate
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5 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Spa Treatment - May your body, mind and spirit rejuvenate

The long-awaited sensation of ultimate relaxation – you certainly deserve a day or two in the spa for all that you put yourself through every day. Spa newbie or spa savvy, stocking up on these tips will help treat yourself to an immersive experience inside those walls of relaxation.


Pick the right spa - Do your research

It goes without saying that choosing the right spa is paramount for an excellent spa experience. Save your lazy lounging for the spa and do a bit of research to find your ideal spa instead of picking the first place that pops up in your head, or the one that your co-worker endorsed and claimed is the best they've had. Researching beforehand will help you get a good bang for your buck and certainly be worthy of the sensuous time you devote to yourself.


Arrive with time to spare - Allow yourself to settle in

Rushing in right on time for your scheduled appointment, changing yourself into a towel, and crashing on a massage table does not sound very "getting the most out of your spa treatment". If you intend to milk your spa experience to enjoy to its last drop, arriving on time for your appointment just won't do the trick. Instead, do consider getting in a couple of minutes earlier and let yourself settle into a cosy relaxation room and make yourself physically, mentally and socially prepared for your upcoming spa treatment.


Bring along a spa companion - Make it for two

What's better than a spa for one? A spa for two! Bring along a spa partner, preferably your better half, and indulge in a moment of intimacy as you get yourself pampered. If you happen to be in the Middle East, looking for a massage spa in Dubai that caters to couples, head out to a spa such as Extra Hour Spa to have you spoilt for choice with a wide array of soothing treatments tailored for two.


Lock away your valuables - Set your mind at ease

There will be no "losing yourself in relaxation" if you are worried about someone looting your phone and that expensive watch of yours. So, lock away all your valuables prior to the treatment, so that you can put yourself at ease and immerse in the soothing sensation. If there is one thing that you should not definitely keep with you during the session, that would be your buzzing phone. A ringing phone and loud one-sided conversations are the last things you or your therapist and other clients would be needing to hear.


Make your mind spa-ready - Leave your worries behind

Last but not least, it is vital that you leave all your worries behind at the doors of the spa and make your mind ready to revel in the relaxing indulgence. The whole point of unplugging will be nothing but a let-down if your problems continue to bug you, throwing you out of your state of mind.