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Updated by American Sex Dolls on Dec 07, 2023
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Best Silicone Sex Dolls in 2022

For both men and women, sex dolls are not only a great gateway to pleasure but also companionship.

Manufacturers are looking to outdo themselves with how lifelike their dolls can actually be, from the two materials available, TPE and Silicone, the latter definitely stands out with their realistic looks.

We offer a large variety of adult-size silicone sex dolls, at American Sex Dolls you will always be able to find the right love doll that fits your taste.



This busty brunette is a wet dream brought to life. Her stunning curves with huge breasts will make you dream about all the ways she could please you.

You don't have to dream for long, this naughty Cinderella would love to do anything for you, because to her, your pleasure is the most important thing in her life.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Zelex 165cm Realistic Sexy Korean Silicone Sex Doll Yvonne

Zelex provides some of the most lifelike dolls with unique looks and different body types, and Yvonne is the perfect example of that.

With soft curves, big breasts and a beautiful lifelike face with asian features, she will be the perfect addition to anyone's collection.


Chloe is of Chinese and French descent. She moved to France with her family when she was little. It took her some time to get used to this strange country and new culture. Chloe grew up to be a strong and confident woman that knows exactly what she is looking for.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — WM Doll 164cm Full Silicone Brunette Sex Doll

This 164cm sexy WM doll is the perfect addition to your kinky collection. A beautiful silicone head with long brown hair, soft perky breasts, natural skin tone and luscious legs. Soara is a high-quality premium silicone doll from one of the best sex doll brands.

WM Doll is well known for their premium quality TPE sex dolls and their silicone options maintain the realistic looks that the brand is known for.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Irontech Realistic 168cm Skinny Redhead Sex Doll Pearl

The combination of the new 168cm silicone body and her beautiful realistic face make this Irontech redhead sex doll look stunning.

This love doll is rocking a skinny body with small breasts and fiery red hair, looking like the perfect dominatrix right off all your wet dreams. If you’ve been looking for the perfect adult-size silicone doll, Pearl may just be the perfect match for you.

Take this sexy lady home and let her show you all the naughty things she can do to you.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — SE Doll Cute Japanese Silicone Sex Doll - Risako 160cm

Meet Risako, a cute and innocent looking girl that is looking for a strong man to take care of her.

Her beautiful body with light skin, a cute round butt and perky tits can bring you all the pleasure that you ever desired. She is eager to take care of her man, as long as she gets a little love.

Treat her well, and she will be yours forever.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Irontech 152cm Highly Realistic Brunette Silicone Sex Doll Kate

This new 152cm full silicone sex doll from Irontech looks incredibly lifelike. Her beautiful body has very realistic proportions with small breasts, wide hips and big thighs, she looks just like a real woman.

If you're looking for the kind of sex doll that will make people wonder if she is real, then Kate is your girl.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Zelex 170cm Tall Brunette Full Silicone Sex Doll Carmen

One of the most stunning Zelex sex dolls, Carmen has a beautiful tall slim body with ultra realistic features. Not only does her body make her look like a real woman, but her face is one of the most lifelike we have ever seen.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Irontech 158cm Silicone Pregnant Sex Doll Celine

A new addition to Irontech is their collection of pregnant silicone dolls, while this sex doll may not be for everyone, we can't help but admire her beautiful looks and realistic body.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Irontech 166cm Full Silicone Blonde Sex Doll Luna

Meet Luna, this incredibly beautiful and ultra-realistic silicone sex doll from Irontech is rocking the lifelike 166cm body. With curves in all the right places, big breasts, and a beautiful face, Luna is a must-have in anyone’s collection.