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About.Com is a website that focuses on providing information about a wide variety of topics. The site consists of articles and videos and are organized into channels consisting of various topics, which are authored and maintained by freelance writers referred to as "Experts". The site's main competition include other online resource sites, and online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia.


The Elements and Principles of Art and Design

An explanation of The Elements and Principles of Design as it relates to clip art. Do more. is a valuable resource for content that helps people to solve the large and small needs of everyday life.

Drawing Programs and Art Software

When you want to create a drawing from scratch with a computer art program, you want an actual art program - not a glorified photo editor. Cheap editors are easy to get, since everyone edits photos.

321 Best Procreate Brushes to Download for iPad Pro (Free + Premium)

The ultimate collection of Best Free Procreate Brushes for iPad Pro. Get neon, oil, lettering, inking, calligraphy, makeup, tattoo, stamp, watercolor and sketch procreate brushes. Enjoy!

Top 11 Free Photo Editors for Windows

If you can't afford to purchase software, you can still find good, free software to create and edit images. Some of this software is developed by individuals, and some is feature limited or an earlier version of a more advanced program.

5 Fast Photo Fixes in Photoshop Elements

No matter how great a photograher you think you are, your pictures could probably benefit from a few quick and easy tweaks. This tutorial shows you 5 fast photo fixes you can use to make your photos better with Photoshop Elements.

Essential Photo Editing

You may not think you need to do any out-of-camera photo editing before you print or share your photos, but there are a few, simple things you can do to make those good photos so much better. © Sue Chastain Digital cameras have come a long way.

Re-create a Logo from a Poor Quality Scan with Illustrator

Learn from this tutorial how to use Illustrator CS4 to re-create a logo from a poor quality scan, three different ways; automatically trace the logo using Live Trace, manually trace the logo using a template layer, and use a matching font.

New Wacom Products: Cintiq, Intuos, Stylus

There has been so much news from Wacom in recent weeks, I've hardly been able to keep up! Recently Wacom has revealed two new Cintiq standalone mobile tablets, new Intuos graphics tablets for pros and hobbyists, as well as a new pressure-sensitive stylus for iPad.

Out of Bounds Effect in Photoshop

Learn how to create the popular and fun out of bounds effect manually in Photoshop. This effect will make the subject of your photo appear to be coming out of its frame.

Draw a Cute Puppy Dog Cartoon

Draw a Cute Cartoon Puppy draw a cute puppy cartoon step by step Steve Barr, licensed to, Inc. In this lesson we're going to draw a cute cartoon puppy. To make it easier, we're going to draw the head first, then add the body after.

How to Watermark Photos in Photoshop Elements Any Version

This Photoshop Elements tutorial shows you how to add a watermark to your photos to identify them with your copyright and deter image theft online.

Procreate for iPad Art App Review

Procreate for iPad © Savage Interactive Pty Ltd What is Procreate? Procreate is a digital painting app designed specifically for the iPad. Procreate offers exceptional performance, an elegant user interface, powerful layers support, hundreds of brush presets (including pens, pencils, and abstract tools), and the ability to import, create, and share custom brushes.

Create a Chalkboard Effect Graphic in Photoshop

Learn how to create a chalkboard effect in Photoshop for your crafty projects or web pages.

Adobe Photoshop Dodge Tool

The dodge tool in Photoshop CS6 helps brighten trouble spots in your photos. Familiarize yourself with the tool and get started editing today! See Transcript Transcript:Adobe Photoshop Dodge Tool In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use the dodge tool in Photoshop CS6.

Color Meanings

Color - What Do Individual Colors Mean? © Dixie Allan With all the colors of the rainbow available to you how do you pick what color to wear or what color to paint your office or what color palette to use in your next design or craft project?

Awareness Ribbons - The Colors and What They Represent

An explanation of awareness ribbon colors and what they represent

Sketching People - How to Sketch Faces

Learn how to sketch faces freehand with this tutorial from guest artist Ed Hall. Ed shows you how to observe and sketch from life or a photograph to capture your subject's personality.

Mood and Vision Board

How to Make a Mood Board or Vision Board First of all, you want to plan your Vision Board. Decide what type of vision board do you want to create, and what it is going to be about. What purpose, goal or dream does your board need to inspire? Guide to iPhone, iPod, iTunes & iPhone Apps

Plug in, log on, and turn it up with all the information you'll need to research, buy, and use your iPod. Whether you need to understand iPod or iPhone hardware, how to use the iTunes Store, or learn more about digital music and MP3s, you can get it here from About Guide to iPods - Sam Costello.

Awareness Ribbons - How It All Started

Awareness Ribbons - How It All Started © Dixie Allan "A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon." That statement was made by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, so it shouldn't seem strange that awareness ribbons have a modern history that begins in the recognition of a soldier.

Turn a Photograph into a Painting with Photoshop's Art History Brush

Learn how to turn a photo into a painting with the Art History brush in Photoshop. You also learn some methods for preparing the photo for the painting effect and create several variations of the photo painting.

Smart Stylus Roundup: Pressure-Sensitive Electronic Pens for iPad

Smart Stylus Roundup: Introduction Image created with Zen Brush app and Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad. © Sue Chastain I have a confession to make... I don't like any of these electronic stylus pens for the iPad. The truth of the matter is, all these devices are created to work around a hardware limitation of the iPad.

What's the Best iPad Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets?

Choosing an iPad Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets If you enjoy using the many art apps available for the iPad, you may have considered getting a pen or stylus to make your iPad sketching, drawing, and painting more precise and comfortable.

How to Use AirPlay

AirPlay, Apple's technology for streaming audio and video to and from iOS devices, is pretty awesome. While it requires AirPlay-compatible hardware and software, more devices and apps than ever support it. Read on to learn how to use AirPlay with iTunes, the iOS, and the Apple TV.