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Funfair FAQs

Funfair FAQs relating to your favourite rides, games and activities. Full of interesting information about fairgrounds and carnivals.

Ideas for Funfair and Fairground Hire | We Are Tricycle FAQs

Get some ideas for funfair and fairground hire, including Ferris wheels, Waltzers, Roller Coasters and Bungee Trampolines. We have all of your favourites!

Ideas for Christmas Funfair Rides | Fairgrounds Help & Advice

Enjoy festive bliss in a funfair or fairground. Christmas is a time for lights and attractions! Get great ideas for your Christmas funfair with We Are Tricycle.

Ideas for Children's Funfair Rides | Fairgrounds Help & Advice

We love children's funfair rides at We Are Tricycle! Check out some of the classic kids' fairground attractions you can hire in the UK. Contact for more info.

Ideas for Family Friendly Funfairs | Fairgrounds Help & Advice

Make a funfair event that appeals to parents, children, grandparents and all ages! Check out our ideas for family-friendly fairgrounds; only with We Are Tricycle.

Ideas for Scary Funfair Rides | Fairground FAQs | Help & Advice

If you're hosting a terrifying event, check out some of our ideas for scary funfair and fairground rides! Everything from white knuckle fun to haunted houses.

Ideas for Corporate Entertainment | We Are Tricycle FAQs

Get some ideas for fun corporate entertainment, including Batak, Strike a Light, Cash Grabber, Basketball Shootouts and more. Can be branded and customised.

Ideas for Traditional Fairground Rides | FAQs | We Are Tricycle

There are many traditional funfair & fairground rides still in use now, including Waltzers, Dodgems, Ferris wheels, Carousels and Helter Skelters. Find out more!

What Are The Best Funfair Rides For Adults? | Fairground FAQs

What are the best funfair and fairground rides for adults to enjoy? We Are Tricycle, the UK's amusement ride rental experts, come up with some suggestions.

Are Fairground Rides Safe? | Funfair Hire FAQs | We Are Tricycle

Find out what responsible hirers such as We Are Tricycle do to keep our funfair and fairground rides safe and suitable for use. ADIPS-registered experts.

What are the UK's Safety Standards for Fairgrounds? | FAQs

What safety standards do fairground operators in the UK adhere to? We ensure the health & safety of everyone who may be affected by us, as far as possible.

What is the ADIPS scheme? | Funfair & Fairground Ride FAQs

What is the ADIPS scheme? This scheme helps to ensure that funfair rides and other amusements and attractions are safe, inspected and suitable for use.

How Are Dodgems Safe? | Funfair & Fairground Ride FAQs

How are the dodgems and bumper cars safe? We Are Tricycle looks at the innovations that have been made in this boisterous funfair and fairground classic.

How to Stay Safe on Roller Coasters | Funfair Safety FAQs

Keep your arms and legs inside the carriage at all times! Read on for some more rollercoaster safety tips, from the UK's funfair and fairground ride hire experts.

The History of the Funfair | We Are Tricycle | Fairground FAQs

When did funfairs actually begin? Who better to ask than We Are Tricycle, the funfair and fairground rental professionals. Find out more information here!

What is the History of the Ferris Wheel? | Fairground Ride FAQs

What is the history of the Ferris wheel? Find out more with We Are Tricycle - the nationwide event hire experts, with a huge range of funfair rides.

What is the History of the Roller Coaster? | Funfair Ride FAQs

What is the history of the rollercoaster fairground ride? We Are Tricycle examines the backstory behind these funfair & theme park classics. Hire event fun here!

What is the history of the Booster fairground ride? | Funfair FAQs

The Booster is one of the most-loved thrill rides in the modern fairground, but did you know it has a history in aviation? Find out more with We Are Tricycle.

What is the history of the Carousel? | Funfair & Fairground FAQs

What is the history of the Carousel fairground ride, also known as the Merry-go-Round? The funfair hire experts at We Are Tricycle examine the facts.

What is the History of the Theme Park? | Funfair Ride Hire FAQs

When did the first theme parks and amusement parks come about, and how have they developed into the attractions we know and love today? Find out here!

The History of Mini Golf | We Are Tricycle | Fairground FAQs

Mini Golf is a more recent game than you might think! We look into the history of miniature golf and crazy golf here. We're the party and event fun professionals.

What is the history of the Waltzers? | Funfair & Fairground FAQs

How did the Waltzers originate, and how did this funfair ride become so popular in the UK and Ireland? We Are Tricycle, the fairground hire experts, examine.

The History of the Ghost Train | Funfair & Fairground Ride Facts

When did the Ghost Train funfair ride come into existence, and what were its predecessors? How did this spooky fairground attraction become so popular?

What is the History of the Chair-o-Planes? | Fairground FAQs

Have you ever wondered about the history of the Chair-o-Planes? Find out how this dramatic funfair attraction became so successful with We Are Tricycle.

The History of the Motion Simulator | Funfair & Fairground FAQs

What is the history of the motion simulator? Read our interesting information about funfair and fairground rides to discover the background behind this classic.

The History of the Slide | Funfair Ride & Fairground Game Facts

The slide is a favourite at playgrounds, fairgrounds, soft play centres and everywhere else children want to have fun. This ride is more modern than you'll think!