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Unique and Fun tattoo ideas For Men and Women

TATTOO IDEAS FOR MEN – Find a large collection of tattoo ideas for men.
The trend of getting a tattoo continues to grow among men today. It’s no secret that some ink can be a great way to showcase your personality.


55 Artistic Cowboy Bebop Tattoo Ideas For The Anime Fans

Unique Cowboy Bebop tattoos are the perfect tattoo for any anime lover. Cowboy Bebop draws on popular science fiction.

100+ Mushroom Tattoo Ideas and Designs & Meanings

Find the perfect mushroom tattoo with these ideas. Mushrooms are a symbol of power in many cultures and are a unique way to represent it.

137 Unique Taurus Tattoo Ideas and Designs - Zodiac Sign Ink

Taurus tattoo designs and ideas for anyone looking for their zodiac sign ink. Tattoos for people born between 21 April and 21 May.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Ideas and Designs - Sleeve, Arm, Wrist

Dragon Ball Z tattoo designs you must see. Inspiration for your next tattoo, sleeve, arm, wrist, and more. DBZ themed tattoos.

100+ Tree Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Tree tattoo ideas for sleeve, forearm, wrist, chest. Perfect for those who want timeless and classic dark ink style. Tree of life tattoos. There are many kinds of trees from all over the world each tree signifies a history. Tree tattoos are perfect for those who want to have timeless and classic tattoo designs that will never be outdated. Having trees as the design for your tattoos will be a great choice because it will still be fashionable even after 10 to 20 years. You just have to make sure that you only choose the kind of tree that you can relate your life to.

150+ Finger Tattoo Design Ideas For Men and Women

Finger tattoos range from complex to simple, showcasing a rich variety of artistic talent. From ring finger designs to smaller tattoo ideas. Cute tattoos take many forms – from fruit to candy, cartoons, and even dinosaurs! To get the perfect cute finger tattoo, choose your favorite character or theme, then select an artist with an adorable art style. When it comes to finger tattoos, keeping it simple is usually the best option. Try a cute line-drawing in black or blue ink for the best results.

150+ Hibiscus Tattoo Design Ideas For Men and Women 

Browse hibiscus tattoo design ideas which you can ink almost anyplace on your body. Hibiscus tattoo meanings and placements. 

The hibiscus flower are native to many Asia and the Pacific Islands. Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea, which means “eternity” or “immortality” from its Korean word mugung, representing life and courage. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is considered to have a number of medical uses in Chinese herbology and it is the national flower of Malaysia.

Geometric Tattoo Ideas - Shape Designs For Men and Women

Geometric tattoo ideas. Designs for the sleeve, wrist, arm, chest and more. Geometric tattoos come in many color palettes and shapes.

Geometric tattoos come in many color palettes and designs. This can go from the completely abstract, to a different kind of interpretation of a famous image. These images are frequently used as a type of entertainment, a point of reference for an artwork, or even an inspiration for something. No matter what kind of intentions a person has with geometric tattoos, all of them will surely look great in the end.

100+ Unique Neck Tattoos For Men and Women

Neck tattoos for men and women. The ultimate guide for ideas and designs for inspiration. Back of neck tattoos, do they hurt? 

Neck tattoos are on the more painful end of the spectrum, and also on the trickier side. The neck is full of nerves and receptors and has minimal padding, so you're going to feel the needle a lot more. The proximity to your skull means you can also feel the vibrations in your head, which can give you a headache.

These Gorgeous Crystal Tattoo Ideas Will Inspire You

Crystal tattoo ideas for men and women with designs for the arm, leg, chest, back, small and large. What about a crystal ball tattoo? Best Crystal Tattoos

Scarface Tattoo Ideas For Men – Al Pacino Tattoos and Designs

Scarface Tattoos and design ideas for the arm, sleeve, chest, back, full sleeve, small and large. Scarface the world is yours tattoo.

444 Tattoo Ideas To Get You Started With Your Next Design

444 tattoo ideas with designs for men and women on the arm, sleeve, chest, wrist, small and large. The Angel number tattoo.

Numerology, when practiced by a gifted and experienced numerologist, can deliver life-changing results. Royal Numerology prepares a free reading to pinpoint a favorable period in one’s life. 444 is regarded as a numerologically significant number.

According to Royal Numerology and Marian Manning’s announcements, it helps to know 444 meaning because it is an important angel number that exists to guide one in his or her life. Numerology regards 444 as an assurance that one is on the right path in life. It helps clear doubts about the right direction and encourages perseverance with the current approach.

IGY6 Tattoo Designs: Personal Meanings And Variations

IGY6 - I got your six, I got your back tattoo designs with meanings and variations. For veterans, IGY6 tattoos are a way to identify

Punctuation helps you say exactly what you mean, but few think of it as more than a way to pause or end a sentence. But to thousands affected by suicide, the semicolon has become an important signifier of survival.

Thanks to Amy Bleuel, the often misunderstood symbol has morphed from a simple punctuation mark to a badge of pride for those who struggle with depression, suicide, addiction, anxiety, and self-injury.

Bleuel, who died by suicide in 2017, started the nonprofit movement Project Semicolon in April 2013 to honor her father, who took his own life, and to give voice to her fight with mental illness. The idea was to encourage anyone who has been through a similar experience to draw a semicolon on their body, photograph it, and share it on a given day to encourage love and to inspire.

Everything You Need To Know For Tattoo Healing

When it comes to moisturizing your new tattoo, lotion is critical! The myth of letting your skin wound breath and dry after leaving the tattoo shop has been completely disproven by science.

For ages people have been recommending to let wounds “dry out”. In a sense, that’s saying don’t apply lotion or ointment. There’s a good reason why you must apply both in order to properly heal your tattoo, reduce skin irritation, and create the best environment for your tattooed skin.

Tattoo of a heart on the face - Does It Actually Mean Anything?

Heart tattoos come in many varieties, and each has its own meaning. One could use the symbol to demonstrate how far one has come, to commemorate the loss of a loved one after their untimely passing, or to express love and desire in a meaningful way.

What Is The Cost Of Claire's nose piercing? Your nose piercing guide

How painful is a nose piercing?
How much does a nose piercing hurt? Piercings can hurt, depending on the area you're having pierced. Fortunately, the piercing itself is over very quickly, and most of our clients tell us there is little, to no pain and or that it feels like a little pinch or flick.

There are few parts of a woman’s body that are more feminine and sexiest than her shoulders. There’s enough skin to show, but not too much, and its placement makes it ideal for tattoos. The beauty of this area lies in its versatility; you can show off your tattoo and make a bold statement or cover it if needed.