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Updated by American Sex Dolls on Mar 14, 2022
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Top 10 Petite Lightweight Sex Dolls

Lightweight dolls are not only great for first-time buyers but also great for people that need to move their dolls often. It's much easier to store and clean a 20-30kg sex doll than a 50kg one.

So to make it easier for you, we have created a list of the most beautiful under 30kg sex dolls. These are 100% legal sex doll models with mature, adult-look features.


AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — WM Doll Hot Russian Sex Doll - Katya 157cm

WM Doll 157cm B-cup TPE sex doll. Hot likelike russian love doll with a
stunning realistic body and perfect tits.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — WM Doll Petite Fit Latina Sex Doll Mira

Mira is sexy and fit and may just be the push you needed to start spending more time at the gym.

This sexy latina is rocking a beautiful tan body with small perky breasts and a cute firm ass that she is very proud of. Mira is small but her petite body can handle a lot thanks to the long sessions at the gym.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — SE Doll 151cm E-cup Petite Asian TPE Sex Doll Ariel

Looking for a sweet innocent girl to warm your days? Ariel is the right girl for you.

With beautiful big brown eyes and a 151cm body, she looks cute and innocent but she can be as naughty as you want her to be. She will do anything that you desire, she can't wait to please you with her sexy little body.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — JARLIET 157cm Sexy RedHead Sex Doll

Don’t let the look of this 157cm sex doll deceive you, she isn’t as innocent as she seems.

This travel enthusiast with a petite and sweet look will without a doubt surprise you with the number of skills she learned hitchhiking all over the world. With little money she had to learn to earn her keep. She is more than ready to serve all your needs.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — IRONTECH 150cm Realistic TPE sex doll Vicky

Vicky is the perfect doll for fans of blonde girls. Her petite body doesn't take away her sexiness but in fact, adds to it.

With a perfectly toned body with a beautiful face with blue eyes, make Vicky a mix of sexy and sweet. She will make the perfect valentine!


The Black Orchid. In Japanese, the meaning of the name Miya is ‘three arrows’ or ‘temple’. If it sounds contradicting that’s probably very accurate.

Miya, with her 5’1 skinny frame, DD-size breast, and beautiful face is a wonderful mix of sex appeal, warmth, sophistication, and mystery.


Generous breasts and small frame with perfect face and piercing look. She looks sexy right but don't get her wrong, she is not easy at all.

If Alice from ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, a glamorous wife was to trade places with Samantha from ‘Bewitched’ this sex doll would be the end result of this sexual experiment.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Sexy Dancer Girl Sex Doll 150cm

Tiny, dancer girl sex doll from Irontech. This beautiful new creation from one of the best sex doll manufacturers. Small, proportionate, firm, tight body, this little ballerina will take you on the journey of music, ballet, sex, and intrigue.

Sexy, flexible, and erotic this petite sex doll is an ideal option for fans of small body delicate fragile beauty.

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For Connie, life’s been anything but a fairytale. This sweet girl had to earn it all by herself. Her ex-husband was a cheap local mobster and she had to run away from him.

With a new identity and a new job, she started her new life hoping to find someone to cherish and protect her.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — 6Ye Premium Realistic African American Petite Sex Doll Jayde

Jayde is a beautiful petite African American sex doll with a beautiful exotic face and a perfect 150cm B-cup body. One of if not the most beautiful love doll face in our collection.

The sheer beauty and perfect proportions of this doll’s face and body are beyond real. This is no longer a sex doll, this amazing model is so much more.