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Data Back Up Tips

Here are some useful articles related to data security, data management, and data backup.

What is a Data Backup Plan and Why is it Essential for Small Businesses?

An effective data backup plan can ensure business continuity after a disruption. Discover how to protect your organization with the 3-2-1 data backup strategy.

Disaster Recovery Solutions: Building Up a Survival Plan for a Small Business

Check the key points of a disaster recovery plan for your organization. Maintain operation and business continuity after even the most devastating disaster.

The threat of ransomware can keep CTOs and IT specialists of different levels worldwide awake all night long.

According to Security Magazine, the banking industry has experienced a 1,318% year-on-year increase in ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021. Therefore, to avoid financial loss, downtime, and losing critical data following a cyber attack, banks are recommended to adopt a disaster recovery plan.

It is no secret that VMware vSphere is one of the best enterprise virtualization solutions in today’s world. Thanks to an extensive list of advanced features, it provides powerful performance and high availability in hosting workloads.

5 Mistakes that Result in Microsoft 365 Data Loss

If you use Microsoft 365, data protection is of the utmost importance! Protecting your data in the cloud means running regular and reliable backups. However, some businesses are still negligent when it comes to protecting their Microsoft 365 data. In this post, I am going to cover five backup mistakes you should avoid. 

How to Get Help from Microsoft Office 365 Support

Microsoft provides a unified support infrastructure for all Microsoft Office 365 plans. The support service offers direct support from the technical team at Microsoft and gives you access to Microsoft’s technical resources. In this post, I am covering three different methods of getting help from Microsoft Office 365 support. Choosing one method over another depends

Managing a virtual machine environment can be a complicated and highly demanding task. VMs in VMware vSphere, among other virtualization solutions, function differently than physical machines and often require constant assessment and maintenance to prevent underlying performance and security issues from surfacing.

Hyper-V Delete Checkpoint: Why and How to Remove Hyper-V Checkpoints Correctly

How to delete a Hyper-V checkpoint to receive more storage space on your Hyper-V host improves your infrastructure's cost-efficiency and performance.

How Does VMware Backup Work?

Moving from physical to virtual, cloud or hybrid environments can save huge costs for your business.

Microsoft Hyper-V, one of the most popular virtualization hypervisors, is widely used by organizations due to its reliability and flexibility. Microsoft has implemented a set of security features to keep Hyper-V environments safe.

This blog post explains the difference between sync and backup for cloud services.

Ransomware Protection Best Practices - The Techy Info

The need for strong ransomware protection gains urgency among organizations worldwide. Use ransomware prevention best practices to protect your IT environment.

Hyper-V Backup: Main Methods to Back Up a Hyper-V VM - The Next Hint

Organizations widely use the advantages of virtualization to improve hardware efficiency. Multi-level virtual environments built with hypervisor solutions such as Hyper-V can improve many internal and external workflows, from communication between employees to running client services. 

Importance of Cyber Security for Today’s Society - Tricky Enough

Cybersecurity is vital because it helps to protect all kinds of data. Let's learn the Importance of Cyber Security for Today’s Society

An Introduction to VMware Host Profiles • TechLila

Are you expanding your business? If yes, then you might struggle to manage your IT infrastructure. Many businesses use virtual environments such as VMware vSphere for data storage. If you use the same environment, you have to add new ESXi hosts to scale the infrastructure with the growing business.

VMware monitoring software allows IT professionals to monitor resources such as hosts, servers, and VMs in a VMsare infrastructure.