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My book marks on sites related to water resources development and management

Five most significant findings of the week related to water resources

Latest findings and recent trends in water resource research

Five New Ideas for Opening Start Ups in Water Conservation

Now as per the forecast and recent occurrence of extreme events the necessity of water management has become more significant. Based on this need, some start-up businesses can be established which can help to achieve the water conservation goals. Five such ideas are discussed below.

Five empirical models, for prediction of peak discharge and estimation of flood

There are some models that can predict floods in advance. Floods can be measured for height, peak discharge, an area inundated, and volume of flow.

Introduction to Optimization Technique

A brief introduction to optimization techniques.

Three Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Used in Weather Forecasting

What are the different types of UAVs used in weather monitoring and forecasting in recent years?

How to use GIS for detection of Leaks in Pipelines ?

Leak detection in pipelines is a common problem faced by residential complexes, industries, office complexes, and also in simple single-storied houses. If you know how to use GIS to detect that leak then it will be easier for you to fix it. This short tutorial describes the procedure to identify leaks in pipe networks with the help of Free Open Source GIS Software.

Five most promissing topics of research in Building Induced Rainfall Redistribution(BIRR)

BIRR is referred as the impact of impervious areas on the distribution of water after rainfall. The area, type, and texture of various impervious areas like buildings, pavements, roads, etc. do not allow rainfall to infiltrate the soil cover and enforced the water droplets to flow off the watershed as runoff. The impact of buildings on rainfall redistribution and its effect on water availability can yield interesting and useful research proposals. Five of which are listed in the presentation.

How to apply optimization techniques to water resource problems?

Optimization is used to solve problems in a multidisciplinary field including water resources. The problems like solving multi-reservoir optimization, water allocation problems, economic optimization of water-based systems, performance optimization of water treatment plants, etc. can be easily solved by the application of various classical and new optimization techniques.


The process of forecasting the rainfall after two or less than two-hour is known as Rainfall nowcasts(RN). The model which predicts such a very short-term storm is referred to as the Rainfall Nowcasting model (RNM). Due to the high amount of variability involved the development of accurate nowcast models is a challenging task. Due to the increase in climatic variability and urbanization, the need for such models for the design and development of accommodative infrastructures is increasing.

5 Most Epic Earth Healing Projects!

Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison reveals his picks for the 5 most epic Earth healing projects in the world. And......Offset your carbon footprint on W...

Five Most Innovative Rain Water Harvesting Projects

Five most innovative case studies on Rain Water Harvesting

Seven New Runoff Prediction Models

Seven New Hydrology Models for runoff Prediction
Models published in the year of 2022
ANN most used cognative technique.
Nash sutcliffe Efficiency most used statistical error function.
Hybrid models more sucessful than stand alone models.

Some applications of GIS in the selection suitable location for rain water harvesting

GIS based Location Selection Case Studies for Rain Water Harvesting

Five Most Popular Movies on Climate Change and its Impacts on Water Resources

Students working in the field of climate change and water resource modeling often complain that they can’t see what they are predicting. They are confused about the reliability of their models and depend on some statistical indices to analyze the accuracy of their predictions...Read the complete article.

Five_Most_greatest _scientist_water_resources.pdf

This post has tried to honor those "Heroes"s for whom we can ensure at least a glass of water for most of the citizens of the World.
Read the full blog...

Seven NGOs trying to solve the crisis of SUSTAINABLE WATER

Foundations of Water Conservation

How to use WCI and ECI to monitor your use of water and electricity ?

Two indicators which will help you to optimally use water and electricity

Seven Techniques you must learn to become a Hydroinformatics Engineer

Seven skills you must know to excel in Hydro

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According to the average of all forecasts, 17 tropical storms will develop in the 2021 season, eight of which will become hurricanes. The average number of storms per year is 14, of which seven develop into hurricanes ".. (NBC,2021). How can one determine when a cyclonic storm will form? To forecast the occurrence, path, and intensity of cyclones, data science techniques are used.

There are a variety of internship opportunities available in the field of Hydroinformatics Engineering. The list below contains the most relevant internship opportunities from India and around the world. The list is not sorted and arranged at random. You can use ODM to rank the opportunities and arrange them as needed.

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