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How to Pitch Your Idea to Investors

In a previous post, I explored how to decode venture capital lingo. Now I'm going to take you through some basic steps to prepare to make a pitch to investors. These same tips can also be used to pitch ideas to clients, business partners and potential customers. 1.

Brave New China

I had the unique opportunity to be a mentor for an innovative job shadowing program for high school students in Shenzhen, China. Fourteen students from Yucai International High School flew to the Sacramento area for a two week home stay / job shadowing program.

Human-Centered Design Learning and My Journey

I am on a journey to explore human-centered design. I've been doing social media for over 10 years now and it's time to look in depth at how to use social media for social good by taking a 5-week human-centered design class, put on by

5 Pitfalls of Social Media Campaigns and How to Avoid Them

Social media certainly is a powerful tool - and one that you need to learn how to harness to get results in today's business world. Before you jump in and start a new social media campaign, what are some of the words of wisdom you should know?

Cereal Hack 3: Sacramento Tech Community Is Out of Control

Cereal Hack 3 is coming up on July 27, 2013 at the Hacker Lab in midtown Sacramento. My team was hired to do the social media campaign and this year's event is going to be a blast. If you're not familiar with Cereal Hack, it's a two-day hacker marathon for coders, entrepreneurs, designers and hardware geeks who team together for a creative competition.

Shane Barker Featured in Scientific American Mind

How did I land the most unexpected job ever, without a resume or an interview? That's what a recent article in Scientific American Mind explored, to help uncover how technology like social media and psychological testing is redefining the traditional job search. The Social Media Connection I am a self-professed social media addict.

SEO: How Important is the Number 1 Position?

A recent study completed by online ad network Chitika reports the top-ranked Google position earns 33 percent of online traffic. The findings also reveal exponentially declining values for the top ten and beyond. These findings aren't shockingly new. Similar analyses have been done with Google's organic search data.

Online Community: How to Build One for Your Business?

Want to build a better online community? Then you need to focus on building a better company - from the ground up! There are no easy shortcuts to the process. You can't hire an SEO guru and throw a bunch of content up on your website and expect to grow a genuine following.

What is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)?

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) has greatly impacted the way our social media, email and other personal online information is stored and monitored. And because Big Brother is watching your online activity, it's time for you to get educated about what it means for you and your business.

Common Mistakes From Good Negotiators

There are good negotiators in all types of businesses and industries, from sports franchises to automobile dealers and in the government and military operations. There have been a plethora of books written on the subject, and expensive training classes over the last 20 years. But are they that relevant?

Gaze Detection: Do the Eyes Tell All?

An innovative technology is being pioneered by researchers at Texas Instruments and Carnegie Mellon University - and it's quite something to see. Gaze concurrence - the line of sight created when two people look at each other, is the basis of this new technology.

5 Fresh Marketing Strategies for Business

Tired of the same old marketing strategies you've been using for years? Have a new business venture that needs a new marketing plan? Try some of these fresh marketing strategies for your business today. 1. Embrace the Competition 2. Make Advertising With Social Media Fun 3. Be an Honest Broker 4.

What Yahoo's $1.1 Billion Purchase of Tumblr Means for Business

Yahoo's Board of Directors reported earlier this month that it is acquiring blogging platform Tumblr for a purchase price of $1.1 billion. According to Yahoo's chief executive Marissa Mayer, the plan is to keep Tumblr on as an independent company, and leave 26-year old founder David Karp in place as CEO.

7 Things to Help You Be More Productive

How many hours a day do you put in? Now think about how productive those hours actually are. Do you spend 80% of your time in a frenzy trying to chase down information, return emails and deal with papers? Do you run so ragged that by the time you get home, you are absolutely exhausted with nothing to show for it?

Sacramento Startup Scene is HEATING Up!

A Sacramento News and Review article highlights Modera as one of five startup companies helping to put the Sacramento region in the international spotlight! Because of the exposure from SN&R, Good Day Sacramento wants to review the new Modera iOS6 app!

Growth Hacking Strategy: Does My Startup Need One?

In a previous post, I talked about the 5 Key Metrics for a Lean Startup and how viral reach is a critical measure of growth. In this post, I'll introduce the concept of growth hacking, so you can determine if your startup or business could benefit from hiring a growth hacker or developing a growth hacking strategy.

KCRA A List 2013: My Sacramento Recommendations!

Each year in the Sacramento area, KCRA Channel 3 nominates local businesses for a "Best of" competition. There are a total of 162 categories and more than 9,000 local businesses represented for 2013. This spring, the competition is fierce as local breweries, restaurants and the best local businesses battle it out to get the most votes by May 3!

21 Great Entrepreneurial Quotes

You don't have to be an entrepreneur to get something out of these motivational quotes. I've compiled some of the most inspirational things that the world's most influential people have said about surviving business, managing people and life. These quotes keep me going whenever I hit an obstacle or transition point.

Modera: How Shane Barker Landed the Coolest Job Ever!

I've been a social media user since 2005. In that time, you could say I've become a fierce addict - at times managing up to 50+ social profiles! But it's been more than a way to pass time. I've treated it as a serious job.

Pheed: The Newest Social Networking Site

A small startup based in Los Angeles is making waves in the social media world. Pheed is a social networking alternative to Facebook and Twitter that appeals to the younger crowd. Teenagers and young adults are adopting the new site in a big way.

Google Technology: Stranger Than Science Fiction

Star Date 41254.7. Google technology is in every room of your house, and there are no keyboards or wires. No doubt Google search and technologies are developing rapidly. Whether it's language recognition or lifestyle integration, expect to feel like Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Recent Venture Capital Financings

If you've been keeping up with venture capital news, you've likely heard the buzz about the "Series A Crunch." It's all over the news that the competition is fierce for Series A funding. And while it's true there is a large demand in the marketplace, there is some good news.

Modera: The Big Move

Life is a journey. Mine has been a whirlwind over the last 6 months! I was contacted by a startup in Uzbekistan via social media, and the next thing you know, Modera was born. Anyone who has been involved in getting a startup off the ground, or from one phase to another knows it's really hard.

Connecting with Gen Z

Earlier this week, we looked at how to overhaul your marketing strategies for 2013, and talked about Gen Z. In this post, we'll go more in depth to understand the characteristics of Gen Z'ers and how to connect with them in the workplace and online.

5 Innovative Startups and What You Can Learn From Them

Startups have an extremely important role in our economy and society. They drive high-tech innovation and new technology, help people to live healthier lives, and spark green technnology that helps clean and protect our environment. It's hard to keep up with the large number of startups, but I've distilled them down to five.

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