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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
Headline for Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors To Sri Lanka – Guide When Exploring Sri Lanka for the first time
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Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors To Sri Lanka – Guide When Exploring Sri Lanka for the first time

If you have decided to travel to Sri Lanka for the first time you have made a wonderful decision and outlined below are some tips for first-time visitors to make the best of their trip to the island.


Do not overcrowd your itinerary

Sri Lanka is a small country with so many different attractions and excursions so it is only natural that first-time visitors feel like including all their favourite places and activities into the itinerary in the first visit itself. However, if you are to travel to Sri Lanka for the first time it is important to remember to not overcrowd your itinerary with a lot of different activities and to keep in mind to take it slow.


Remember to relax

Sri Lanka is a country where you can relax and wind down if you remember to take things slow. The beautiful beaches with delightful beverages and food, the stunning mountainous locations with views you cannot get enough of are just a few of the places you can go to relax and wind down while you are in Sri Lanka.


Treat yourself

Sri Lanka has many different types of hotels and resorts and this little island is home to some of the luxurious hotels which are perfect for those who wish to treat themselves to a lush getaway. If you are looking forward to treating yourself while you are on the island remember to find good hotels that have good reviews from the ambience, customer service, food and beverages to rooms and other amenities.


Do not stick only to the South and West

It is a common practice for first-time visitors to plan their entire trip around the South and the West of the island which is where the country's capital city is along with several popular beaches. However, if you are looking forward to exploring the country you should add the hill country, the east, and a trip to the North Central of the island while you are in the country. There are temples, ruins, national parks, and beaches scattered in and around the island that you will be missing out on if you plan to only stay in the West and the South.


Indulge in Food

Food in Sri Lanka is absolutely divine and there is a vast selection of cuisines for all types of foodies. Sri Lanka has several dishes for meat-lovers but even vegans with a restricted diet will not be disappointed as there are so many different vegan options here in Sri Lanka as well. While luxury hotels will have a different atmosphere it is also important to try some street food in Sri Lanka on your first visit.


Find the best time to travel

Even though Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island the country gets affected by the Monsoon rains twice a year and it is best to plan your trip according to what you wish to be doing and where you intend to be visiting.


Explore public transport

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country but a developing country so public transport is not the best option to be travelling in all the time. However, there are some trains rides and bus rides across the country that you must try if you wish to make the best of your trip to this little island in Asia.


Learn and understand the culture

Sri Lanka is home to a lot of different cultures, religions, and traditions so when you visit this little island it is important to remember to be respectful of all these practices even if you might not personally agree with them. Being a conservative country it is best to read and educate yourself about the country before you visit it so you do not offend the locals of the country you are visiting. For more info on Sri Lankan culture and its attractions, check out blog sites like Truly Sri Lanka.

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