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Best Places to Visit in Galle - Explore the exciting Southern City of Sri Lanka

Galle is one of the most visited cities in Sri Lanka and this does not come as a surprise as you will find different attractions and enticing locations you can visit while here.


Galle Fort

The Galle Fort is undisputedly the most popular attraction in Galle City. Located right in the centre of the city the Dutch fort is now a popular attraction for locals and foreigners alike. Whilst this does not bring pleasant memories of a colonised time, in the present day, it serves as a stage to view the Galle city and the sea around it from a stunning view. You are able to walk on the fortress making it a wonderful experience as you get to stand on the line that separates ocean and land. The Galle Lighthouse is also in the area of the fort and you can explore the lighthouse during the daytime. Even though the lighthouse is no longer being used it is a popular attraction among those who visit the Galle Fort. While you are in Galle fort you can also visit the Galle Museum which is located inside the fort. This museum is home to numerous reminders of the colonial era but also the amazing changes the country went through after she gained independence in 1948. The museum is closed on Mondays so it is best to go to the Galle fort on another day if you wish to visit the museum as well.



There is nothing more exciting in the South of Sri Lanka than the turquoise blue water and the golden sandy beaches and if you are heading to Galle you should definitely make time to visit the beach. When you are on the beach you can feel the warm breeze on your skin, the salty taste in your mouth, and the sun shining on you. Depending on the location you go to explore the beach you will be able to get some chilled beverages such as King Coconut or Lime Juice along with some Sri Lankan street food such as Kottu, Wade, or Patties.


Turtle Hatchery

Being surrounded by the sea, it is no surprise that Sri Lankan beaches are home to many turtles that come to lay eggs. Due to poaching, many of these eggs are now protected by different companies and institutions and there are so many turtle hatcheries in Galle that you can visit in order to help the conservation projects and help release them back into the sea at dusk.


Shopping centre

Galle Sri Lanka is popular for shopping and this is because inside the fort there are numerous shops that have opened up over the years. The Dutch Hospital buildings have also been transformed into a hub for restaurants making it a wonderful place to sit and relax while enjoying the view of the Indian Ocean. When you witness the beautiful beach and the Galle fort you are reminded of how Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. You can find shops that sell clothes made of local crafts such as batik, handloom and beeralu lace, precious stones and gems, souvenirs made of wood, brass, and pottery all in one area making it a delightful place to explore and shop. For more in-depth detail on Galle and what you can find here, visit sites like Truly Sri Lanka before you plan your holiday!

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