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Top 8 Ways to Get Creative with Crayons – Let the artist in you come alive

Crayons are one tool that can be used when creating art. While they may seem to be unremarkable ones, there are quite a few interesting ways that you can use crayons. Here are a few things to focus on if you want to get creative with crayons.


Creating value

This seems like a very obvious tip, but it is a highly useful one. Value refers to how dark or light you want a particular crayon colour to be. This is especially helpful if you are working with a limited supply of crayons. You can use the same piece of crayon to create darker shades by pressing hard and lighter shades by pressing lightly.


Layer colour

Layering colour is a technique that can be seen in paintings at any Sri Lankan Art Gallery. This allows artists to give their paintings a lot of depth without using too many tools and techniques. To layer colour, you must first start with a base colour and work your way through it. It is always helpful to colour in opposite directions for a smoother finish. Each of the Sri Lankan artists can have their approach to layering colours.


Use a colour scheme

While using a variety of colours can lead to vibrant and interesting pieces, restraining yourself in terms of colour use can also help develop a more focused and direct mood for your art. Depending on your expected final product, you can stick to warm colours or limit your piece to cool colours.


Add contrast

Adding a bit of contrast can do wonders to simple artworks. Even if your piece only has a few elements, making sure that there is sufficient contrast between them will make sure that it stands out. Crayons offer a great opportunity to add contrast to the artwork without too much effort.


Add variety

With crayons, even a young artist will have more ability to control their colouring and shading. This allows artists to add more variety by using crayons. Whether it is the thickness of the lines or the direction of the colouring, more variety can also bring out more exciting outcomes.


Add texture

Crayons also give an excellent opportunity to provide texture to your work. You can work with different designs, integrations, etc. to bring out diverse textures in your work. Textures can also be merged to produce something extremely novel.



This is an important skill that artists learn at a very early point. Blending allows you to elicit new colours and tones that were previously not possible. Crayons are a good place to start your blending experimentations since it is so used to working with them. Once you are confident with your colour choices for blending, you can move on to more advanced techniques.


Texture rubbings

You can place your artwork on a rough surface and colour over it to generate interesting texture rubbings. This may seem like a simple technique that is quite primitive; however, it can generate wonderful results if used right. This can be used to emphasise certain elements of your artwork.

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