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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 24, 2022
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6 Common Fish Species to See While Snorkelling in Maldives – Amazing Ocean Denizens

As you snorkel in the waters of the Maldives, you will encounter many diverse fish species such as powder blue surgeonfish, cornetfish, parrotfish, pennant coralfish, bluestripe snapper and more!


Powder blue surgeonfish

When snorkelling in Maldives, you may spot the powder blue surgeonfish which can be easily identified by its oval shape and bold vividly coloured markings. You will find that these fish can display various blue shades along with white and yellow accents. These brightly coloured fish are sure to capture your interest and snorkelers will often spot them feeding near stones and corals.



The intriguing cornetfish, sometimes called flutemouths, will also undoubtedly catch the eye of the snorkeler due to their characteristic elongated shape. You will see that these fish display a very long and slender body that makes them stand out amongst the denizens of the sea. A distinctive feature would be the slim filament that extends out of its backbone. Several species of cornetfish can be found in the oceans and these unusual marine creatures will be a truly absorbing sight.



As many as 95 varieties of parrotfish can be found in the oceans, and most of them make an arresting sight as they happen to be large and vividly coloured. These fish also feature 'beaks', from which their name is derived. In addition to their distinctive appearance, parrotfish have many other interesting attributes. When feeding, parrotfish consume chunks of limestone rock and coral; they only digest the algae found in them and the rest is discharged as soft white sand. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could go snorkelling and possibly encounter parrotfish would be Adaaran Prestige Vadoo which could be regarded as an ideal option for those looking for Maldives 5-star hotels.


Pennant coralfish

Another fine sight for the snorkeler would be the distinctive pennant coralfish. This conspicuously coloured fish that you could spot in the waters of the Maldives can be grouped in the butterflyfish family. The pennant coralfish, sometimes also referred to as the feather-fin bull fish, is easily distinguished by its striking black-and-white colouring and the long spine featured in its dorsal fin. They can approach a length of up to 11 inches and is bound to catch the eye of the snorkeler.


Bluestripe snapper

Another fish commonly encountered while snorkelling would be the enthralling bluestripe snapper. You will see that these fish which have a rather ethereal appearance are so vividly yellow that they seem to glow when seen in the water. You will find that this variety of fish also features several bright blue stripes extending along its sides. Bluestripe snappers can additionally be distinguished by their distinctly beady looking eyes as well as the sharply sloped shape of their heads.


Sixbar wrasse

Another interesting denizen of the deep to be seen here would be the attractive sixbar wrasse. This appealing kind of fish happens to be comparatively small and displays lovely pastel hues of pink, green and blue, along with darker coloured stripes. You will find that it often has a liking for hiding amongst rocks in the ocean. If you do happen to spot one, you are likely to be entranced by the unusual appearance of the sixbar wrasse.