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Too Big to Ignore Data Who Is Michele Price

Tweet Big Data - Too Big to Ignore Data Measuring your results have become critical for all sizes of businesses from startups to legacy companies, it is too big to ignore data now. Stepping out of confusion from piles of data - how will your company leverage information in [...]

5 Tools to Improve Images On Your Website and Blogs Who Is Michele Price

Tweet 5 Tools to Improve Images on Your Website or Blog was our Breakthrough Byte segment thanks to Ian Cleary on Breakthrough Business Strategies radio. Every second Monday Ian teaches us tools that will help us be more efficient, productive and profitable as small business, startups or freelancers. This is [...]

Social Media Myths Hurting #Startups and #Entrepreneurs #BBSradio

Tweet Are You a Startup Ready to Wrap Your Brain Around Social Media Myths? Startups and Entrepreneurs use of social media is a necessity today to be considered relevant in the business space. Leaping the hurdles that social media myths continue to present, is the first step to saving [...]

Sales Drives Businesses - What Drives People? #BBSradio

Tweet Inspiration + Values = Better Results Does is Drive Sales and Business? When you start with the top ingredients that will deliver you better results, you are already ahead of the pack. What entrepreneur, business owner or sales/marketing/IT professional would say they did not care about their results? Many [...]

What the Secret Life of Walter Mitty Has in Common with Entrepreneurs #BBSradio " Who Is Michele Price Who Is Michele...

Tweet Entrepreneurs and Movies are two topics that can get you a beer along with an easy hour of great conversation. Digging deep into both, what makes a great entrepreneur and what is a good movie, are about as close as you can get to exploring what is >> a fascinating [...]

Speed Up - Gain More Clients - Sell More Business Who Is Michele Price

Tweet Speed up - Gain More Clients - Sell More Business Re-Broadcasting one of our Top 5 Interviews in past year... Jill Konrath What will we cover? Great Question The criteria your prospects use to decide your fate. How to gain access to crazy-busy prospects. How to [...]

UX For Lean Startups - #BBSradio

Tweet How Does UX Propel Lean Startups? What can UX deliver you as an entrepreneur with a lean startup? Here are a few things you will want to think about as we delve into this topic Monday July 15th. Determine whether people will buy your product before you [...]

5 Social Media Tools to WATCH in Beta #BBSradio

Tweet Ian Cleary, Breakthrough Business Strategies radio social media tool guy keeps us up on what are the social media tools we want to use and why. He saves us busy entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, as well as Sales/Marketing/IT professionals time and headaches each month when he delivers us hand picked social [...]

#Startups - Crowdsourcing via Kickstarter #BBSradio

Tweet Startups are changing the world with their ability to bring to market solutions in rapid speed. Do you have the next tech driven app, award-winning game, or new healthy product in your head? Just need funding to make it happen? Are you considering crowdsourcing the funding? Did you know [...]

Satisfaction - How Does Your Social Media Rate? #DigitalSplash

Tweet Lame Social Media Advice Generates Sub-standard Results We have heard all the platitudes about the need to create your social media accounts, put up your content and "they will come." It's called lazy marketing. It's delivered by uneducated people, who hold themselves out to be social media [...]

Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals Gala : Kindness, Karma, Kudos

Tweet Have you ever had one of those moments in life that reinforced what you had been sharing with others all along? That is what happened this April 20th ( only 5 days after my birthday ) at the Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals Gala. It was a charmed [...]

Visual Learning: Book Yourself Solid - Illustrated - #BBSradio

Tweet Visual learning hammers home the classic saying "A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words." What if being booked solid became easier by learning from an illustrated version? Have you thought about using visuals to help yourself become booked solid as a service professional? Do you have a [...]

The First 20 Hours - How to Learn Anything FAST #BBSradio

Tweet The First 20 Hours - I was told 10,000 Hours Are You Sure? What if you committed to the first 20 hours. What if it changed how you could learn anything in our fast paced world today? As a start-up can you imagine having to go through 10,000 [...]

Powerful, Effective, Eye Opening Leadership Skills #BBSradio

Tweet Leadership Skills Are An Off the Road Journey Image attribution Most Leaders Have a Bumpy Ride Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Creatives, Engineers, all can learn from and expand their leadership results by delving into what it takes to show up as a better leader. Who cares if you lead [...]

#TechStreet Houston - Houston's Technology Conference #BBSradio

Tweet Across the country we are seeing an upsurge in entrepreneurship. We are also witnessing changes in how large corporations partner with technology startups to commercialize solutions. This is giving Houston a strong lane on the freeway for hosting TechStreet Houston, Houston's first technology event featuring Houston's diverse technological community in one place so that [...]

Whiteboard Selling - Empowering Sales Through Visuals #BBSradio

Tweet Stop boring your prospects with static sales tools and empower your sales teams to deliver more sales using powerful visuals. "Engage your customers through powerful visuals." 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual. The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. 40 percent of all [...]

How to Achieve Long Term Results With Smart Leaders Smarter Teams #BBSradio

Tweet Don't All Companies Benefit from Smart Leaders & Smarter Teams? How many times have we agreed with the above question and like minded statement, yet have not followed through with the actions needed to make it happen? Does our idea of "what a leaders should be", [...]

Content Chemistry - The Right Mix #BBSradio

Tweet Finding the right mix in your content marketing can be like a chemistry experiment, sometimes a messy explosion. Finding a practical handbook that is written in plain English, that delivers the results from over 1,000 successful online projects, and teaches you a solid foundation for your content chemistry. [...]

What Matters Most For Your Business? #BBSradio

Tweet How Do You Answer That Question... What Matters Most For Your Business? More importantly what is your team's answer to that question and does it align to your answer as the business owner or CEO? "What if you, your team, or your entire organization had absolute clarity [...]

Here Are Chopsticks to Pick My Brain #DigitalSplash

Tweet No Picking My Brain Without Chopsticks & Money How many times have any of us been guilty of asking someone we value out to lunch to pick their brain? Come on be honest and raise your hand, we have all done it. Some of us more recently [...]

5 Simple to Use Tools Helping Your Blogging #BBSradio

Tweet Blogging is more effective when you give yourself the tools you need to do it better. Every 2nd Monday, Ian Cleary delivers social media tools tips for us on Breakthrough Business Strategies radio #BBSradio. Here are 5 blogging tools that help you create content and focus on crafting a [...]

Convert Brand Awareness to Customer Acquisition with Influence Marketing #BBSradio

Tweet Converting brand awareness into customer acquisition is top of mind for savvy thinking companies right now. Knowing what to look for, how to manage, then what to measure, is tripping up even some seasoned marketers. Influence Marketing won't just help you identify and enlist key influencers: it will help you manage the influence [...]

Tame the Primitive Brain - Save Your Sanity #BBSradio

Tweet A number one anxiety in business is dealing with problem people. Try as we might, we cannot fix others behaviors, we can gain understanding and use different approaches to gain a win. Noted body language, behavior and communication expert Mark Bowden offers a totally practical, easy-to-read guide to understanding the [...]

The Lean Entrepreneur - Survivor Games #BBSradio

Tweet In the entrepreneurial world of startups, being lean means far more than fiscally restricted. The lean entrepreneur understands a specific mindset. It is a type of thinking that takes them places other businesses only dream of reaching. It is also more than just having a good vision, staying persistent, [...]

Six Savvy Methods for Boosting Sales 2-3 Quarter #BBSradio

Tweet Breakthrough Business Strategies radio is serious about our listeners making more sales in 2013. Our team is committed to the promise we made to you during end of year segment 2012. We promised we would deliver you all of our regular experts once a quarter special segment that focused [...]

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