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Becoming the Wife I Want to Be

The best question you can ask in your marriage is, "how can I be a better spouse?" Here are some ways wives can work through their expectations and disappointments, and experience the kind of marriage they hoped for.

Becoming a Wholehearted Wife (Part 1 of 2)

Daily Broadcast: Greg and Erin Smalley offer advice from their book The Wholehearted Wife.

15 Ways to Be a Better Wife

I polled other women on ways to be a better wife. Because I never want to assume that I have all the right wife answers. Let's see if our husbands agree.

Three Ways to Love Your Imperfect Husband

How do we set aside our own hurt and frustration and live out our calling as wives? Here are three ways to love your imperfect husband.

How Your Husband Needs You

Most husbands share a certain set of needs and desires. Some of your husband's needs may surprise you, but you can learn how to move beyond your expectations to build a marriage that goes the distance.

One-Sided Marriage: What Do I Do?

What if in a marriage, only one person wants to stay in the marriage and is working and fighting for the relationship to continue? What would you say to them?

A Marriage Fit for Royalty: Noble Character

What does it mean to be a "wife of noble character" (or a husband, for that matter)?

The Dynamic Woman — Podcast

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan read and discuss a series of
recent emails from a wife who is a dynamic leader outside the home. She
feels she and her husband may be mismatched and asks if, and how, they
should remain together.

Secrets of Being a Happy Wife

Let's quit comparing ourselves with others and agree: A happy wife recognizes that a happy marriage is defined by what she and her husband consider a happy marriage to be.

7 Fun Ways To Reconnect With Your Husband

Jared and I drifted apart in the months after Dillon was born. It wasn’t a subtle drifting, like rowboats that slipped their knots and meandered off to sea in the quiet of night. Eventually, we found paddles again. We searched out ways to rebuild our connection and build new rhythms for our family of 3, and I talk about some of these ways here.

Take the Happy Wife Quiz

Are You a Happy Wife? Take this quiz and find out.

Torn Between Being a Wife & a Mom

My diverse roles in family life often complement each other, but every now and then I feel like I have to choose between being a good wife and a good mother. I experience this internal warring whenever Mike wants us to go away without the kids. A romantic getaway enriches my marriage, but it also means leaving the boys with a sitter, missing soccer games and getting behind on monitoring their homework. So I ask myself, What’s more important … investing in my kids or in my marriage?

Husband and Wife Bucket List

Are you and your husband in need of doing fun things together? Here are some ideas for a couples bucket list for you and your husband to do.

Simple Ways to Help Your Husband Feel Loved

Author Kathi Lipp offers suggestions for simple, practical ways for how a wife can build up her husband through words of affirmation, acts of service and love.

Have a New Husband by Friday

Have a new husband by Friday Is that even possible Dr. Kevin Leman says it is. The "New York Times" bestselling author and self-help guru shows even the most frustrated wife how she can have a new husband by Friday. Leman reminds any wife that if w...

Happy Marriage: It's Not Your Husband's Job to Make You Happy | Rhonda Stoppe

Happy Marriage: The only way you can experience true joy is by pursuing intimacy with Christ on a daily basis.A happy marriage doesn’t stem from how well our husbands meet our expectations, but how well we know God.

Does Your Husband Shut Down When You Ask Questions? Here’s Why

If you’ve ever seen your man shut down when you think you’re just asking questions or giving helpful advice, here’s some of what might be going on.

The Husband Whisperer

Create a heart-to-heart connection, even when your man is reluctant.

52 Ways to Wow Your Husband by Pam Farrel

Pam Farrel gives wives 52 ways to wow their husbands and add spark to their marriages. Pam delivers humor in her fun woman-to-woman style through inspirational stories, godly advice, and easy-to-read offerings.

No Spouse is Everything

Wanting your spouse to be an ox, peacock, horse and nightingale all wrapped up into one amazing person isn’t just cruel, it’s insane and actually a bit freakish.

Understanding How Your Husband Thinks and Acts

Dr. Mike Bechtle offers a light-hearted and insightful look at the differences between men and women in a discussion based on his book I Wish He Had Come With Instructions: The Woman's Guide to a Man's Brain.

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