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Headline for Types of Agro-Industrial Tires – What to Look for When Purchasing Quality Tires
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Types of Agro-Industrial Tires – What to Look for When Purchasing Quality Tires

For agricultural tires, there are different types for various categories such as tractor / harvester tires, row crop tractor tires and trailer tires amongst others. Read on to find out more.


Tractor / harvester tires

You will find that tractor and harvester tires are available in bias and radial forms. A good radial tire for tractors will provide versatility and efficiency, along with ideal fuel economy, an effective tread design for superior traction, comfort for operators and so on. Such a tire would be suitable for soil tillage as well as road applications. On the other hand, you could also opt for a bias tire with properties such as suitability for off and on-road use, a self-cleaning design, good lug stability, operator comfort, superb traction and optimal durability. Naturally, your choice of tire will depend on the nature of the machinery and the environment within which it will be used.


Row crop tractor tires

When it comes to row crop tractor tires, you may look for narrow radial tires suitable for a variety of cultivation, spraying and harvesting jobs. These tires should be designed with a sturdy carcass for effective work, extended durability and strong traction even with sizable loads. Suitable tires will be made from quality tread compounds that provide great resistance to cuts and wear; such a tire should also feature reduced width for easy travel between plants. A good tire in this category will eliminate unnecessary crop damage, boost farm productivity and provide excellent traction capacity with low slippage.


Agricultural implement tires

For agricultural implements, you may look for a low section tire featuring great load capacity as well as minimal soil compaction. Such a tire will have been engineered with the necessary features for excellent road transport as well as strong performance in grasslands or fields. You could also look for a tire with a sturdy carcass structure with robust nylon construction using quality compounds for good resistance to cuts and wear. A specialist to consider for such agricultural tires would be GRI Tires which may be regarded as one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the industry.


Trailer tires

When selecting trailer tires, you may look for a specially engineered tire that will be suitable for transporting heavy cargo in challenging conditions. The tire should provide good stability with a wide tread design and heavy capacity coupled with low inflation pressure for enhanced balance. You should choose a tire made from a specially designed tread compound with sturdy nylon construction for outstanding resistance to cuts and wear. Good trailer tires will be suitable for fieldwork, spreading operations and road transport; they should also provide ride comfort, a low level of rolling resistance and superior machine stability.


Irrigation tires

When selecting tires for irrigation equipment, seek a product with an inventive tread design for outstanding performance. Other features to look out for would include a good land to sea ratio for superb soil cleaning in addition to reduced soil and crop damage. When it comes to pivot irrigation, a good tire will provide enhanced field movement. A greater number of lugs will provide stability and strong traction. Additionally, a dual lug angle will offer improved traction along with minimal slippage.

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