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Updated by Bobbi Jo Woods on Nov 04, 2022
Headline for REAL fun and active people on G+
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REAL fun and active people on G+

REAL people who are fun and active on G+! Here's your antidote to the "lists" of late. I put this together with the help of some friends. It's people I like to interact with on G+ and who aren't internet "celebutards". They are discussion-starters & participators, original content-sharers, hangouters, artists and musicians.

Bobbi Jo Woods - Google+

Bobbi Jo Woods - I stole your sriracha - B.J. Woods Task Wizard - Saint Paul, MN - I'm Bobbi Jo. Not Bobbi. I'm old as dirt and like music and fun things that are fun. Everyone should like fun. I'm mainly just here for the fun. I have a bucket list.

Angie Person - Everyone's Internet Mom & Boobhug Giver

orenjestad, aruba - curacao - dallas, TX - Lima, Peru - St Maarten - Ciudad Mexico - Miami, Fl - jacksonville, FL - Port Canaveral, Fl - stockton, ca - san francisco, ca - monterey, mx - st john's, antigua - Suriname - Denton, TX -

Dirk Talamasca - Irish Web Bot from TX

Greetings from Dirk Talamasca! Welcome to my Google+ Profile! Here are a few things about me that may interest you in following me on Google+ My posts tend to be rather eclectic and often eccentric.

Rory S - Big Daddy Long Stroking/IRL host with the most

Rory S - I've been unplugged from the Matrix - I build things - The Acme Company - Jedi Academy - I am living outside the Matrix

Crystal Black - Loves cuss words and loud muzik

Crystal Black - Don't take refuge in the false security of consensus. - Accountant. Troublemaker. Resident RDJ giffer.

Gisel Ocañas - Banana Tamer & Grammar Nazi

Gisel Ocañas - Lady Lazarus - Future Mrs. Dave Hartman

Yas Mean - Kpop Princess

My typical day consists of the following: wake up, write something groggy. Shower. Write something clean. Get ready for work. Write something defiant. Go to work. Write mass amounts of excitement to balance the boredom within my cubicle. Go home. Write something witty. Game. Write something gamey. Get ready for bed.

Ben Zaitz - Imgur Court Jester/Autoawesome-er

Founder and president of the Will Ashmore fan club. Also please refer to this whenever you feel like it:  Here are a smattering of my posts. I lost some weight recently: This one is about the passing of my father and remembering him: My best asset - my family!

Di Cleverly - Bubbly Wonder Woman of Science

Di Cleverly - If you really want to know me- engage with me on posts!

Kate Savage - Mistress of the Universe

Dare I say, I'm a writer. I haven't defined my genre yet, but I'm experimenting going in all directions. I love technology, but not a gadget-addict, not yet anyways. I'm here to engage, as in, have civilized conversations, not to broadcast myself or watch other people plug their ears.

Elizabeth Bathory - Goon Mom (she's gonna kill me dead)

Elizabeth "I'm Watching You" Bathory - Cancer survivor, wife, mom, misanthrope who somehow cannot resist photographing people, goon.

Amparo Herrera - Spicy Internet Taco/Cupcake-Stealer (◠^◠)

I'm just here for the fun. - Austin, Texas

Sivan Rehan - Ben Zaitz' Canadian partner in crime

Android fan and a fun person. A Down-to-earth girl who likes fancy things! I'm a Business and luxury travel consultant and a Social Media Coordinator. I love helping my friends at . At work: My specialty is complex itineraries and round the world trips. We also consolidate.

The Internet - Google+

This is the Internet. Please get as butt hurt as you please, and don't blame me for the hurt, in your butt.

Shane Medlin - Ginga Ninja Unicorn

Shane Medlin - I hope you like cat gifs - Lydia Callis is my spirit animal. Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than

Amanda Kay - The chick in the kitchen who makes me giggle

Does it even matter? I could pour out a list of crap about me, but in this fucked up society, all that seems to matter is skin color, gender, and sexual orientation, all things that were assigned to me when I was born. If you really want to know me, label-free, just look at my posts.

Ward Anderson - Mulatto Master Race Based God

Ward Anderson - Skinny as a rail but I'm still Big Poppa smooth. - Pyolongyang, North Swagorea - - Self unemployed professional rip sauce judge. - Substitute women's volleyball coach. - Part time Peter North impersonator. - Full time Axel Rose. - Robber of the gravy.

Tim Shinn - Hot-sauce flavored Beardtastic Man

Tim Shinn (Cthulhu's beard) - Mein Skol, Dein Skol, Alle Vakkera Flikka Skol.

Alex Balcázar - Don't know this guy that well. I guess he's Spanish. Or something.

ESL teacher and DoS at Idiomes Manhattan . Specialized in preparing candidates for the FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English). I love what I do and how rewarding it is.

Christopher Lira ✔ Verified by Google+ that My wallet is made of Chupacabra Leather

Even on my most off days I tend to be cooler than ur mom. ☚ G+ Verified to be true

Brenda Curtis - Bacon Pirate Wench of the Desert

Moderator of Pets are Family and Las Vegas I am an opinionated, open minded, redhead. I'm not easily offended and I have been known to offend. Bring it,but I'll keep lobbing the ball into your court with a heck of a spin. I'm very random.

Hermine Ngnomire - Changemaker/Ideation-er

With a strong empathetic drive and love for uncovering what makes people thrive, I am seeking out the truly remarkable on G+. Comfortably aware that change happens in the most obscure of realms, I seek out the prime movers: those with convictions and ideas (in that order) on any particular subject or object.

S Heart - Thinks this is Twitter But can Get Away with it

S Heart - Steel Heart - Instigator - Being Normal - Bliss - Self Help Classes - Nothing I do or say is original. Deal with it.. I have.

Shaun McLane - Poolboy/Question Asker

Some suggested circles you can put me in: Photography Orlando Fitness Tech / Android / Gadgets Early Adopters Auburn Alumni Bloggers Entrepreneurs Swimming Pool Pros Musicians DCI Nut I'm a closet geek, and a native Floridian. I own a pool cleaning company in Orlando, but have worked most of my life as a licensed financial planner and a real estate broker.

Jeremy Hall - This jerk I know in Texas. Likes good music.

Jeremy Hall - Stop staring at me swan. - I Test Things - Austin, TX