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Top Dishes that You MUST Try in Sri Lanka – Remarkable Culinary Creations

If you visit the charming nation of Sri Lanka there will be several dishes that you must try, such as kottu roti, hoppers and egg hoppers, chicken curry, pollos curry, black pork curry and more!


Kottu roti

Kottu roti happens to be a very popular and tasty street food that many Sri Lankans have a liking for. The staple ingredient in kottu happens to be godamba roti, a white flatbread. To make this street food, the pieces of roti are shredded and diced together with spices, vegetables, eggs and meats to create a uniquely flavoursome dish. Often, you will be able to specify the kottu variation that you prefer, and it will be crafted for you within minutes.


Hoppers and egg hoppers

Hoppers are another very popular typical Sri Lankan culinary creation that is regularly consumed by locals. You will find that hoppers feature a soft centre and a contrasting crunchy outer section with a different texture. You will have the opportunity to observe the way hoppers are made, with the chef first pouring the batter into a little wok; he then twirls the batter to form the crispy outer section of the hopper. A much-loved variation would be the egg hopper, which is cooked with an egg placed in its centre.


Chicken curry

There is no doubt that the delectable Sri Lankan chicken curry is one of the dishes most liked by locals and visitors to the island alike; it is often enjoyed with rice, string hoppers and hoppers. This favourite dish is made with pieces of succulent chicken and a special combination of spices including curry powder and other locally available condiments. The result is a delicious curry oozing with flavour and a tantalising aroma.


Pollos curry

On the other hand, vegetarians will not be disappointed by the Sri Lankan cuisine as there will be plenty of tasty vegetable curries to choose from too. One of these would be the distinctive pollos curry which is made from green young jackfruit. To make this curry, the jackfruit is first sliced into small chunks, after which it is boiled to make it soft; then the curry is made, with the jackfruit ending up with a hearty meaty texture. For such authentic Sri Lankan cuisine that can be enjoyed at pleasingly located accommodation options across the island, consider the properties of Aitken Spence Hotels.


Black pork curry

Another not-to-be-missed Sri Lankan speciality would be the irresistible black pork curry. Undoubtedly, a great way to prepare pork, this curry will typically be drier and darker than the previously mentioned chicken curry. Your taste buds will be tantalised by the tender pork with its layer of creamy fat. You will find that the taste and texture of the pork are well complemented by the combination of spices and condiments that are used to make this curry. This dish works perfectly with steamed rice and a vegetable curry.


Curd with kithul treacle

When it comes to Sri Lankan desserts, a special place goes to curd with kithul treacle. Sri Lankan curd is in fact, made from buffalo milk and has a characteristic slight sourness. The curd is perfectly complemented by the honey-like sweet treacle resulting in an exquisite dessert. Curd with kithul treacle is commonly consumed in Sri Lankan homes and can also be enjoyed at local restaurants.

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