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Top Cashmere Garment Manufacturer

Om Cashmeres is Nepal based Cashmere apparel manufacturer since 2001. We have production capacity of 10K cashmere clothes every month and increase it.

Knitting, Weaving, Custom Design of Cashmere Clothing - Cashmere Manufacturer from Nepal

We are the top most manufacturer/producer of Cashmere apparel/garments in Nepal. We use traditional Nepalese technique to design cashmere winter cloths like sweaters, cardigans, jumpers, pullover, hoodies, etc.

How to Dye Cashmere? Om Cashmeres

At cashmere facility dyeing cashmere wool by professional. At Om Cashmeres, We use natural dye to color clothes/garments. We are cashmere or Pashmina clothing producer and manufacturer from Nepal.

Custom Cashmere Apparels Designing Through Intarsia Knitting At Om Cashmeres

Intarsia is a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. As with the woodworking technique of the same name, fields of different colours.

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Om International - World Best Best Cashmere Manufacturer from Nepal

Om International is a renowned Cashmere Manufacturer in Nepal, involved in knitting, weaving world class cashmere from Mongolia, and molding it into premium cashmere garments.

Test Originality of Cashmere Product At Home - Om Cashmeres

Owing a Cashmere product is undoubtedly an awesome feeling because of the number of items it brings to the table. But, we are sure while styling it you are in the dilemma about its purity. You have some questions like, how to test original cashmere wool while shopping.

The Journey of Kashmir to Cashmere. How did it reach Europe?

It is the most precious and luxurious of fabrics, with a history spanning over centuries and involving some of the most isolated parts of the planet. Despite its humble origins, cashmere wool is now covered by designers all over the world, and its widespread availability means that it is now more accessible than ever.

Om Cashmeres - Manufacturere & Wholesaler - Home

Om Cashmeres - Manufacturer & Wholesaler, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Om Cashmeres - Cashmere Manufacturer From Nepal

Cashmere or Pashmina clothing/garments manufacturer from Nepal Instagram profile. Also read our blogs: Cashmere Manufacturer in Nepal

Om Cashmeres - Cashmere or Pashmina Apparel Manufacturer In Nepal

We are Om Cashmeres (Om International), a leading manufacturer, exporter and order supplier of high-end luxury fashion apparel of Cashmere, established in 2000, has grown leaps and bound by sheer dedication and teamwork. Our dynamism and the unflinching trust of our customers ensured that steadily grew a full-fledged company with great status exporting high-quality knitwear and handloom garments for ladies, men, and kids.

Customer Designed Cashmere Sweaters Manufacturer & Wholesaler in Nepal

Our cashmere sweaters are designed to complement every outfit and occasion. Our round-neck sweaters, v-neck sweaters, collared sweaters, and classic cashmere sweaters are available in a variety of colours, textures, and shapes. Give a chance to your customer by offering our pure and original custom designed cashmere sweaters manufactured in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Knitted Cashmere Cardigans Manufacturer - Handcrafted by Professionals in Nepal

Our luxurious pure cashmere cardigans are all crafted by us with comfort and style in mind. They have a timeless elegance, with a large selection of colors that offer a wide range of fashionable options.

Cashmere Poncho Manufacturer, Wholesaler, & Suppliers in Nepal & India

Om Cashmeres is one of the leading manufacturers of knitted ponchos. We offer a wide assortment of cashmere and wool cashmere ponchos in various colors. Our knitted ponchos are soft and warm, and are made in all-natural and pastel shades. They are a designer wear for all age groups.

Beautiful Hand Embroidery Designs on Cashmere Apparels - Om Cashmere Sweater Factory

Cashmere use professional hand craftsman to stitching & Embroidery Designs on Cashmere sweater at our Cashmere sweater factory in Nepal. In our cashmere sweater factory in Nepal, we are capable to produce more than 10K/month. We are wholesaler, supplier, Manufacturer, and producer of cashmere garments. Also visit our Plurk Profile.