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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
Headline for Best dishes to try in Salalah – Eat like an Omani!
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Best dishes to try in Salalah – Eat like an Omani!

If you are making your way to the Southern part of Oman, you are probably going to visit the beautiful town of Salalah. While it is famous for offering a range of tourist attractions, the food is one of the main highlights of the area. Here are a few dishes that you should not miss.



Muthbe refers to a type of cooking rather than a specific dish itself. When visiting many Oman attractions in Salalah you are bound to come across shops offering this kind of food. This method refers to clean stones being piled over a fire which acts as the cooker for meat that is placed on top of it. Because of how hot the stones are, they absorb all the moisture from the exterior of the meat making it crispy on the outside and juice inside. You can make almost any meat in this style. The meat is usually served with a sauce and rice.



This is a celebratory food in the region. If you visit Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara during the festive season, you are sure to be able to experience this. It consists of either beef or camel meat that is cut into strips and hung in the air for trying. It is then fried in fat to make them crispy and oily. Because of the method that is used to prepare this, Ma'ajeen can last for about a month. These can also be found in any of the shops that offer other types of meat. If you are a fan of interesting food and especially meat, this is one you must try.


Kak bread

This is a slightly sweet, spiced bread that has a crispy texture. It is usually made on clay moulds and is considered a staple dish in the region. To give it extra life, it is adorned with cardamom and nigella seeds. It is best eaten with sweet chai. You can find this at any bakery in Salalah or even at high-end resorts. It is a crowd favourite and will be sure to keep your taste buds singing.



As a country situated in the Indian Ocean, Oman has an excellent offering of delicious seafood. While Salalah itself may not have the best seafood restaurants, you can enjoy an abundance of them if you travel north from the town. You get to fish, cuttlefish, and a range of other items made in different ways that are served with flatbread. If you are a fan of seafood you should enjoy the dishes offered in Salalah.


Khubz Lahooh

This is another type of bread found in the region. It is crispy, chewy, and takes the texture of a crepe. It is a unique experience to watch Khubz Lahooh being made during the Salalah Festival. It can be eaten on its own or along with any other sweet or savour dish. It is also one of the key staples in the region and a dish with great uniqueness.