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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for A List of Top Adventure Sports in Auckland - An adventurous treat for the thrill-seeking soul
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A List of Top Adventure Sports in Auckland - An adventurous treat for the thrill-seeking soul

Travellers craving their long-awaited adrenaline fix, your slice of thrills awaits you in Auckland. As the largest city in the popularly monikered "adventure capital of the world", Auckland certainly lives up to its country's reputation. Simply hearing what's on offer will press all your buttons.


SkyJump and SkyWalk - Conquer your ultimate fear of heights

Auckland basks in the glory of holding onto the title of the city with the tallest building in New Zealand, thanks to the sky-high Sky Tower. Dominating the spectacular Auckland skyline, the iconic 328-metre tall edifice will have all the visitors to the city gazing in awe, but the real goodies linger at the top. Calling out all daredevils, the Sky Tower affords the thrills and exhilaration of your lifetime with its spine-chilling SkyWalk and SkyJump. Take the most terrifying walk of your life on the teeny 1.2 metres wide platform at the top of the tower, with only a harness attached to yourself. If you fancy kicking things up a notch, take the ultimate leap of faith by jumping off New Zealand's highest building and landing in SKYCITY Plaza 192 metres down below.


Off-road the back-country - Embark on a scenic adventure

While the mates over at neighbouring Australia may have their haven for four-wheeling, the world-famous outbacks, – the Kiwis – also have their fair share of backcountry roads and trails that make for some compelling off-roading. Now, this will take you out and beyond the fringes of the city of sails, but making this trip is no worry for a true 4x4 enthusiast who craves some blissful and adventurous time out in the remote wilderness, uninterrupted by the bustle of a metropolis whatsoever. So hop in one of down under's favourite Land Cruisers or Hiluxes, or a classic old Land Rover if there's a little British guy inside of you ;-) or any other 4WD of your choice and embark on the scenic adventure.


Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb and Bungy - Channel some A. J. Hackett vibes

Auckland Harbour Bridge is an iconic landmark without which the city will never be the same. Why indulge yourself only in a fraction of the fun, feasting your eyes on the majestic construction when you can climb over it and even treat yourself to a 40-metre ocean-touch bungy, which you can experience only here at Auckland in the whole of New Zealand. If this heart-stopping activity sounds like your idea of a thrilling experience, consider staying at one of the best hotels in Auckland city, such as Avani Auckland Metropolis Residences, for many more adventurous activities right here in the city that will just knock your socks off.


Skydive over Auckland - Enjoy a bird's eye view of the city of sails

Craving the best views of Auckland? Unleash your inner daredevil and head up to Parakai, a short 1-hour drive from the city centre, to enjoy a bird's-eye view of Auckland as you skydive from a staggering 20,000 feet, the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand.


Canyoning in Piha - Indulge in the wildest adventure of your life

Why limit your adrenaline fix only to a single activity when you could be jumping off cliffs, sliding down rocks, and swimming in rivers, all in a single sport. Nestled high away in the stunning Waitakere Ranges, Piha affords you the opportunity to engage in the exhilarating sport, canyoning. Enjoy the endless rush of adrenaline as you lose yourself in the wildest adventure of your life amidst the tranquil, secluded nature.