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7 Interesting Facts About Kandy - Let the Kandy city mesmerise you

The Kandy city is not only one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka but also one of the most historically important locations in the country.


Multicultural hub

Kandy is a city that brings together so many different cultures which makes it exciting and interesting. You will be able to see the city come alive during Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Burger celebrations as the city is home to a diverse group of cultures and religions.


A world Heritage City

Kandy was named a UNESCO World Heritage City in the year 1998 and now has so many buildings and structures that will remain to stand in all its glory for the years to come. This city is a must-visit location on the island and a city that has several hotel deals in Sri Lanka due to the number of visitors.


Home to the temple of the Tooth Relic

The Dalada Maligawa which is also known as the Temple of the Tooth Relic is situated in the Kandy town and is one of the most significant locations in the entire Buddhist World. There are religious Buddhists visiting from around the world to witness this location. In the month of July, which is known as Esala in the Sinhalese calendar, there is an annual tribute that is held for the tooth relic by the Dalada Maligawa, which is known as the Esala Perehera.


The last independent city before colonisation

The now, Dalada Maligawa used to be the palace of the last independent Kind of Sri Lanka, King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. Before colonisation, this grand building used to be the palace where the monarch ruled the country from. The Kandy city goes down in history as the last city that was able to hold its independence before colonisation by the Dutch


Capital of the Hill Country

The reason for the Kandy city to be known as the Capital of the Hill Country is also due to the reason that the Dalada Maligawa is located in Kandy and that it was the last standing independent city before the country was taken under Dutch rule.


A popular city for tea

It is not by coincidence that the national tea museum is located in Kandy city amidst the beautiful mountains of Hantana. The city is known to be one of the most prosperous locations for tea plantains in the country and the current tea museum used to be a tea factory back in the day before it was converted to what it is today. At the tea museum, you will be able to learn about this interesting beverage that is overlooked by those who do not know its benefits and you will also get the opportunity to try a fresh cup of tea once the tour is over.


Located 465 metres above sea level

The Kandy city is a beautiful tropical city that is located 465 metres above sea level making it one of the reasons it was hard to be taken over by invaders. Even though you are not able to visit the beach when you are in Kandy the peaceful atmosphere and the cold winds will make you admire the beauty of this city. Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy and other hotels are able to offer a stunning view of this mountainous city in all its glory.

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