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Updated by Ivan Fortuna on Feb 15, 2023
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Top 10 ideas for own marketplace

Before moving with the own marketplace these points needs to be considered

From eCommerce to Marketplace business model - urlaunched

Instead of staying on ecommerce business model you can consider moving to a marketplace business model and here is how you can do that

Top 10 tips for hiring mobile app developers for your startup

Who will be the best match for you? Our 10+ years of experience allows us to sort out the top 10 tips for hiring a mobile app developer.

Top 10 marketplace ideas to work on in 2022 - You are launched

Did you think of launching own startup? We've analyzed 2021 and are pleased to share the top 10 marketplace startup ideas to work on in 2022

Top 10 platforms and tools for startups in 2022 - urlaunched

Join us as we look at some of the best eCommerce platforms and tech tools for startups you should be using in the year ahead.

Top 10 startup ideas to launch in 2022 - You are launched

Are you considering launching a startup? We’ve put together the top 10 startup ideas to launch in 2022 that will inspire you!

How to use AR and VR in eCommerce - 2022 - You are launched

Let's dig into Augmented reality & Virtual Reality. Let's find out how a startup can use AR and VR in eCommerce in 2022?

Top 10 Startup mistakes to avoid - You are launched

9 of 10 startups are failing! That's why we are pleased to share our top 10 common startup mistakes and tips to avoid all of them.

How to build a marketplace startup? - You are launched

Let's compare different marketplace startup models including vertical and horizontal marketplaces startup, building trust and much more.

How to solve the Chicken and Egg Problem? 24 Startup & Business Tactics

How to solve the chicken and egg problem in startup? Answering these questions and sharing 24 tactics used by big startups to solve it

Minimum Viable Product. How to build? - You are launched

MVP in Lean Startup app development. Evade "stillborn" apps, uncountable wasted time, and wasted money with a Minimum Viable Product

What's a web 3.0 marketplace? Building NFT website - urlaunched

Do you want to get involved in the NFT marketplace industry or web 3.0 marketplace? Find out more about these new types of marketplaces here

How to launch a car rental app with lean startup methodology?

How can you use the lean startup method to get car rental app to market ahead of the competition? Here’s our guide to creating it

How to use Lean Startup in fitness app development - urlaunched

If you’re looking to build a workout or fitness tracker app? Do you want to get it to market as soon as possible? Here is the guide

Lean Startup in healthcare app development - You are launched

Looking to enter the world of healthcare mobile app development? Here’s how to launch the company that provides value to your users

How to develop a restaurant reservation app with Lean Startup?

Here we will share our experience and will answer the question: How to develop a restaurant reservation app that everyone wants to use

Business model canvas or lean canvas. What's the best?

This article looks at the business model canvas and lean business model canvas and lets you know which is the right one to use.

Proof of Concept (PoC) or prototype: what will work? - urlaunched

Today we will look at proof of concept (poc) vs prototype. Let's sort out the difference between a prototype and a proof of concept

How to market a mobile app? - 29 fantastic tactics - urlaunched

We’re often asked how to market a new mobile app, and we’ve put together 30 of our favorite strategies. Majority are low-cost and no-cost

The Lean Startup for big firms doesn't work - You are launched

In this article, we're going to look at companies that use lean startup and why lean startup for big firms isn't always the best approach.

Best SaaS application development approach - You are launched

We’re going to look at what SaaS application is, the benefits of SaaS application development, and how you can get started with this.