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Headline for Visiting the most famed temples in Phuket – Experience the serenity, peace and the feeling of composure envelop you!
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Visiting the most famed temples in Phuket – Experience the serenity, peace and the feeling of composure envelop you!

Phuket is not only famous for the nature's gifts it is endowed with but also the many temples that have been around for centuries as the focal point of ancient community life. They still hold a place of significance at times of difficulties, times of happiness and at times of sorrow for the people.


Wat Khao Nakkerd or Big Buddha Temple

'Wat' means temple in Thai. Wat Khao is at the top of Nakkerd hill in Phuket. This temple holds a place of reverence as well as one of attraction due to the massive seated Buddha statue at 45 metres in height, a concrete structure meticulously adorned with white jade marble made of white marble. The fusion of the majestic structure, the artistic finish and the vantage point on Nakkerd hill makes it an outstanding landmark having not only locals coming to worship it but many tourists too from the luxury hotels Phuket visiting to admire the majesty and beauty and serenity of the statue and the panoramic view from the hill.


Wat Chalong

Chalong temple is famous and is considered to have had miracles happen there as per the local folklore. This temple is also venerated due to the presence of a 'fragment of bone' of Lord Buddha safely ensconced within the grand pagoda of the temple. For many centuries devout locals come here to worship the Lord Buddha and find tranquillity and peace whilst tourists from hotels like Anantara Layan Phuket Resort visit to experience the atmosphere and see the features of the temple while some visitors especially come to this temple to learn more about Buddhism.


Wat Suwan Kuha

This is a marvelous cave temple to explore in the tropical forests of Takua Thung district. Being within an enormous cave complex, this temple beholds many religious statues, the focal attraction being the reclining golden statue of Lord Buddha of about 15 meters in length, you may notice a monk doing meditation in front of this reclining Buddha statue. As you walk through the cave notice the various other Buddha statues of different sizes mostly seated or standing.


Wat Khao Rang

A picturesque temple in Phuket surrounded by natural woodlands of Khao Rang that lends a charm and tranquillity enjoyed by the visitors in addition to the giant seated statue of Lord Buddha. This golden statue in all its majesty sits atop the original temple house with the woodland offering a natural unique background. The newer temple house a little beyond has a great stairway leading to it with ornate snake carvings. A great view can be enjoyed from the top of the stairs. A lot of locals frequent this temple to pray and offer alms to the priests. A temple with peace that many visitors would like to savour.


Wat Phra Thong

This ancient temple is in the northern part of Phuket about 10 km from Phuket Airport. Although fairly small as compared to many other famous temples in Phuket, this temple with its numerous buildings and colourful features is also home to the unusual form of the image of Lord Buddha. The image of the golden-hued Lord Buddha at this temple is half-buried in its grounds and is known to be 'untouchable'.


Etiquette on visiting temples

Temples are essentially places of worship hence modesty in dress and demeanour is appreciated. It is good to observe the practices of locals and remove footwear and headcovers when entering certain sections of the temples. Refrain from touching the statues and images and photography with them as a backdrop. Small donations to the temple while visiting are welcome.