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Insights On Mutual Loyalty: Is It A Two-Way Street?

The following is a Best of 360Connext post. Business leaders often fret over ways to gain and keep customer loyalty, but what about the other way around? Most companies, I'd argue, don't demonstrate mutual loyalty to their customers. Is this fair? I don't think so. And most customers don't, either.

Wired Together: Building Customer Loyalty And Word of Mouth

There are two questions I receive from business contacts regularly. How can we increase loyalty? How can we get more word-of-mouth business? They are actually two sides of the same coin, in my humble opinion. Consider yourself as a loyal customer. We are most likely loyal to some brand or another.

5 Employee Referral Rewards That Don't Break The Bank

As more companies realize that happy, fulfilled and engaged employees mean better customer satisfaction and retention rates, they're also realizing the best employees know where to find the next best employees. It's not unusual for businesses to offer financial referral rewards for employees who bring in candidates that become employees.

Learn 3 Customer Loyalty Concepts From Community Managers

A few years ago, the role of community manager as we know it today didn't exist. Social media was in its infancy, and as brands joined in they started to see the real value in having 24/7 access to their prospects, customers and partners.

Golden Ticket To rewarding Customers

We have a special video about a new way to reward customers. Though new and exciting, is this the golden ticket to rewarding customers, or just a day pass?

Youtility: Strategies for Earning Loyalty

I just finished reading Jay Baer's new book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About HELP and not HYPE , and I'm really, really excited about reviewing it. It fits so nicely into our theme of rewarding loyalty this month.

Loyalty Rewards of the Future

Another month, another theme here at 360Connext! This time, we're pointing our Customer Experience Investigation™ magnifying glasses on the challenges and successes that come with loyalty rewards. What does it really take to be rewarded for loyalty? Customers used to feel special with a punch card - buy 10 drinks, get your 11th free!

7 Ways Bad Customer Experience Teaches Business Growth

Terrible customer experiences online can be a great opportunity for service providers to grow by transforming a bad customer experience into a "wow" one. Here are 7 tips to help you grow from each bad customer experience situation and retain your customers: 1.

Microinteraction of the Month: GrubHub Delights Employees

The thought of working somewhere banal terrifies me. If I was in such a situation, I'm telling you, my work performance might be mundane. Or worse, I'll be driven away. But great companies know a stimulating and rewarding workplace keeps employees happy. You don't have to send your employees on a posh escape to make them stay.

Expert Advice: How To Drive Business Results With The Peak-End Rule

Customer reactions aren't alwaysd logical. We learned from an expert about how to change perception and create memorable experiences with the peak-end rule.

Key Questions for Companies With Startup Growing Pains

This isn't a "how-to" post. If you are looking for information and answers, you can stop reading right now. This is a "How Do I?" post. If you know about providing customer service then I encourage you to read on then tell me what you think. Or even blog about it.

Customer-Centric Performance Metrics

Determining what customer-centric performance metrics you track can determine if you will improve your customer experience or leave it to chance.

Customer Experience Improvement via Innovation

Over and over and over again, I stress the importance of evaluation of your own company's customer experience as a vital part of improving the customer experience. Without evaluation, there is very little to go on for customer experience improvement.

Designing Your Ideal Customer Experience

You know what I have observed about entrepreneurs? They deliver an experience based on who they are. There is nothing more organic than how a passionate entrepreneur creates experiences for his or her customers. The experience is based on the entrepreneur as a person - and often reflects that in spite of their best efforts!

Learning By Doing: A Growing Experience

It's sad how many people think they can't do it. What about learning by doing? In customer experience, it's always a growing experience.

Customers Want Convenience on Their Terms, Not Yours

With busier schedules and comfort with ecommerce, customers are choosing those brands who provide convenience in the way they like - not the other way around. If you are among these brands, then you understand that customers want convenience on their terms, not yours.

3 Customer Experience Considerations

Growth leads to dilemmas. I propose 3 customer experience considerations for any business leader.

Customer Experience Isn't Marketing

Marketers are now saying customer experience is the new marketing. I'm here to tell you customer experience isn't marketing.

B2B Customer Retention Strategies During Growth

Business growth is often equated with customer acquisition. The more new customers = more growth. Organizations implement more metrics to track this growth. But what about specific B2B customer retention strategies? During growth, it becomes even more important to track what not only gains you new customers, but what helps you keep the ones you have.

How To Better Your Business

"That's so interesting!" I hear this over and over when I describe what 360Connext does. In a nutshell, it's how to better your business. Here's the gist, just in case you haven't heard it: We evaluate customer experience for organizations interested in understanding the true experience of their customers, not just what they believe it to be.

Growth Strategies for Customer-Centric Organizations

Next time you are recommending a local, independent business, listen to the words you use. Most likely, you'll refer to the owner or long-time employees. Those waiters really know what they're doing. Or perhaps Jane gets the greatest things in her store!

Microinteraction of the Month: 404 Page Call-To-Action

Wow, it's the end of the month already! Know what that means? It's time to reveal our June 2013 Microinteraction of the Month! (In case the term "microinteraction" is new to you, click here for more info!) Finding what you need in today's world can be a real challenge.

3 Ways You Cause Customers To Lose Their Way

Honestly, helping your customers find their way is so critical, it's baffling how it's overlooked. Customers lose their way and then wander out to find your competitors. They wander out of your store, your web site, your mobile app...and then they never come back.

Is Mobile Customer Experience Harder?

40% of ecommerce executives believe it's harder to deliver a positive customer experience on mobile than online. And the number one issue they see? Navigation and findability for mobile users. I find a lot of the discussion about mobile navigation eerily similar to the early discussions of navigation on the web.

Customer Perspective: A Tainted Customer Experience

I am hell bent on getting a new pair of Havaianas. They're stunning and durable. My first pair lasted me at least five years! It almost hurts me to write about them considering I'm a fan of the product, but there is a lesson to be learned about the customer journey in finding the right product....and in this case, a solution.

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