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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top thrilling watersports not to miss in the Maldives - Adventures amidst serenity

The Maldives has it all, the views and the sunsets plus endless sandy beaches. Now, if you want a fast-paced Maldives holiday, here are some water sports that you definitely must try out.



The Maldives has some of the World's best diving destinations. Although diving is possible year round there are definite diving seasons. From December to May during the North East Monsoon the eastern side of atolls enjoys good visibility while from June to November during the south west monsoon the western side of atolls offers the better diving options. Thus, if you are opting to stay at a resort, say, OZEN Life Maadhoo, check when it offers the best diving options.


Kite Surfing

The huge, near-empty beaches are best for Maldives watersports. However, it has to be mastered before you touch the water. How to position yourself correctly in relation to the wind to get a good lift-off, the many positions of the kite when it is up in the air, kite positions to achieve the greatest pull and how to control the kite plus the best position to keep the kite at optimum power has to be learned right in the beginning.



Snorkelling is one of the most popular water sports as unlike diving no experience is required, only the ability to swim. Fins and a snorkeling mask can be rented from resorts and after getting instructions on how to stay afloat without getting carried away by the current, visitors can snorkel on house reefs all day long.



Calm waters and a constant breeze from December to May are the ideal surfing conditions for amateurs and young ones. Harsher seas during the southwest monsoon from May to October are better catered to advanced surfers. April to June is peak surf season as there are fairly consistent waves then. From October to April, the waves are good to surf on, but unpredictable.


Knee Boarding

Knee boarding needs the same conditions as for surfing, big waves of which the Maldives have several destinations depending on the monsoons. North Male Atoll is well known for its breaks with Pasta Point providing the best and most consistent breaks.


Deep-Sea Fishing

The open seas around the Maldives offer excellent year round opportunities for deep sea fishing, especially the big game kinds. Many resorts also offer specially equipped boats and crew who are experts in taking you to fishing spots so you can get fish like tuna and barracuda.



Kayaking is not only one of the best ways to explore the sea and the house reefs around resort islands in the Maldives but is also among the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. The sports centres in the resorts offer training for novice kayakers and hire kayaks and safety gear suited to different activities.


Banana Boat Rides

Last on the list, but definitely not the least fun, banana boat rides are the most popular water sport here as a whole gang of family and friends can get on the boat that looks like an inflated banana. They will then be towed out to sea, be bumped around by the waves, and be tossed into the water ultimately.

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