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Writing & Inspiration

A collection of posts from my blog Space & Lasers. The blog follows my writing journey for two sci-fi projects - Nash and Highton Heroes. I also talk about my various inspirations such as Mass Effect, The Expanse and Star Wars.


Welcome! (with a little rebranding)

A little introduction to where this blog has been and where it's going as a place to share my screenwriting journey and talk about my inspirations.

Project Introduction: Nash

An introduction to the first of my two main writing projects - Nash. A live action multi-trilogy sci-fi film series.

Project Introduction: Highton Heroes

An introduction to the second of my two main writing projects - Highton Heroes. An animated sci-fi TV series.

A Deep Dive Into How I Categorise Sci-Fi

Here I talk about how I classify Sci-Fi, where my inspirations fit into those classifications, and where my projects fit in as well!

Writing The First Draft (And Why It’s Okay That It Sucks)

Having finished the first draft for Highton Heroes Season 1, I thought now would be a good time to talk about that infamous first draft and why it's both the most and least important version of a story.

How Halo Inspired My Writing (And Not In The Ways You Might Think)

A little look at the xbox video game series 'Halo', and a deep dive into exactly what it managed to inspire in my film series 'Nash'.

What helps make a great video game story?

A look at what I think makes a video game story great, including the world, the gameplay and the makers.

Highton Heroes: The World Behind It

The first of many Highton Heroes info pieces. Here I dig into the world's backstory, setup and systems to better give you an idea of where the story is taking place.

Highton Heroes: What is Highton?

An in-depth look into the city of Highton, the central focus of my Highton Heroes TV series project.

The Main Characters of Highton Heroes

A little look at some of the key players that will drive the storyline of the first season of Highton Heroes.

Some Highton Heroes Techy Stuff

Highton Heroes is sci-fi so naturally it has some techy stuff. Let's take a look at some of the tech that shapes the first season.

Kids Writing For Kids?

In this blog, I talk about the idea of kids stories being used a raw materials for media to be consumed by kids.

I Love Ratchet & Clank. Here’s How It Inspired My Writing! – Space & Lasers

I delve into one of my favourite video game series of all time: Ratchet and Clank. I talk about why its great and how that greatness inspired bits of Highton Heroes.

Breaking Down The ‘Galaxy’ In Nash – Space & Lasers

My Nash film series is set in 2429. As such, there’s a lot more to consider than just worldbuilding. We’re talking galaxy building.

The Main Factions of Nash – Space & Lasers

Factions are an integral part of building a storyworld. In Nash I, four major factions shape the story: The Human Alliance (and HMA), Vigor Humans, Shadow Knights and the Sovereign Colonies.

The Superpowers of Nash: Vigor Abilities   – Space & Lasers

Action. Fight scenes. They're typically an entertaining part of the movie. But when you add powers and abilities into that mix? I think it becomes much more interesting.

The Big Players in Nash – Space & Lasers

There's a deep pool of characters in my Nash film series, but let's start easy by introducing some of the big players from the first film.

Digging into the Tech of Nash – Space & Lasers

Technology shapes science fiction, and the Nash series is no different. Let's dive in and see what technology matters to people in the world of my sci-fi film series.

Mass Effect: The Inspiration That Changed Everything – Space & Lasers

The original Mass Effect trilogy quickly became my favourite series of all-time and serves as the biggest inspiration on my writing to date.

What Filmmaking Taught Me About Screenwriting – Space & Lasers

I've made a few films during my time at school and university. Each one taught me a valuable lesson about screenwriting. Let's talk about what those lessons are.

How Sequels Can Deliver The Good Stuff – Space & Lasers

Let's look at not just what makes a good sequel, but what does a sequel have the opportunity to do that an original can't?

A Controversial Inspiration: Star Wars – Space & Lasers

The Star Wars fanbase is... controversial. And the parts of Star Wars that inspired me are no different.

Story Adaptations: Why Can It Go So Wrong? – Space & Lasers

Translating a story from one medium to another isn't a simple process, but it can be done a respectful way. So why does it go so wrong, so often?

Doctor Who: A Treasure Trove of Inspirations – Space & Lasers

The Time Lords, TARDIS, Time Vortex and Master Race. Doctor Who is full of various random concepts that inspired me!

Reflecting On 2023 – Space & Lasers

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your achievements in the last 12 months! And to also think about what could've gone better...