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Updated by Millennial Mind Sync on Feb 11, 2022
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Top Plugins To Eliminate Beat Block

Eliminate beat block forever with these top plugins. Kick beat block to the curb when it rears its ugly head with these plugins that will assist you in the process.

InstaComposer | W. A. Production

InstaComposer is your ultimate weapon against beat block. If you need an inspiring melody or bassline, InstaComposer will do that for you with just a few clicks. Maybe some chords or pads, InstaComposer has got you too! Instantly get new MIDI notes for anything you need to add to your beat and drop it into your DAW. Simple and intuitive to use, InstaComposer will keep you creating when you get that wall.

Chords | W. A. Production

From 4-note chords to entire 8-chord riffs, Chords is the plugin you need when you're lacking inspiration in this department. This easy-to-use interface will cater to the newest music producers, but pack the inspirational punch that will keep the veterans coming back. Conjure up beautiful chords in just a couple of clicks and get over the beat block hurdle.

Scaler 2 | Plugin Boutique

No music theory? No problem. Maybe you just plucked a beautiful sample off Loopcloud and now you want to play a melody to that in key, but lack that music theory knowledge. Scaler 2 can instantly lock on the keys and turn you into a pro in no time. Or maybe you want to get the chord progression from a popular song to get your beat going. Drag and drop a sample into Scaler 2 and uncover it immediately. Scaler 2 is a true cheat code for music producers and beatmakers.

RC-20 Retro Color | XLN Audio

One of my favorite things to do to get over the beat block hump is load up some old beats and put some newer plugins on them. RC-20 has all the tools you need to color your sound in a new and inspiring way. Its interface is easy to use and beautiful, and it will make your track feel like something brand new. A true cheat code of a VST.

Spaced Out | BABY Audio

Spaced Out by BABY Audio is the sauce you need to spice up any component of your beat and shatter beat block. It's a hybrid reverb, delay, echo and modulation plugin. Take your samples and vocals to heights and places you couldn't have dreamed of in an instant. I find this plugin quickly does the job of taking some very generic to a whole new orbit. Get Spaced Out now. You won't regret it.

Mixed In Key "Studio Edition"

Tedious tasks in music production and engineering can disrupt your flow and creativity and that's why Mixed In Key "Studio Edition" is a go-to for me. If I ever have a sample that isn't key-labeled, it can be a process to figure it out. Until Mixed In Key came along. Just run your sound or entire track through this and its artificial intelligence engine will discover the key for you. Keep your flow going.


Load up Loopcloud directly in your DAW and tap into millions of samples and loops. But don't stop there. This plugin is packed with a range of plugins and effects in its interface that will let you make any sample your own in an instant. Beat block doesn't stand a chance with Loopcloud.




Splice has the sounds you need to get over your beat block. Looking for the perfect saxophone sample for your LoFi track? Just enter the key of your beat and get served with hundreds of samples to keep your flow going. When you need to ride the wave of inspiration, Splice always delivers.

Arcade 2.0 | Output

Digging in the crates of the present and the future all in one inspiration machine. That's Arcade 2.0 in a nutshell and why it will completely destroy your beat block. And don't stop with the kits it comes with. Toss in a sample you made or got off Splice and let its kit generator go to work for you. You'll be amazed to see your creativity soar.


Sugar is a cheat code to get punchy kick drums, thick basses, sharp snares, edgy guitars, airy and creamy vocals, warm mixes and wide masters, and much more. Sugar will make you an efficient beast as a music producer by centralizing those processes in one analog-inspired plug-in without sacrificing the ability to fine-tune for a professional experience. Sugar's four effects are routed in parallel processing and work in mono, stereo, and M/S (Mid-Side) mode. See your beat block crumble.