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Best Resources To Write Your Own Resume

Here's my collection of the best resources available to write your own resume. With these resources you have everything you need to create a resume that sells you to perspective employers.

Books - Nicole Coggan

Your Dream Job In 50 Days Or Less: A Career Boot-Camp To Rocket Fuel Your Job Search
You want a new job……….but you aren’t getting interviews.
You are getting interviews……..but you aren’t getting the job.
You have applied for 200+ jobs over the internet but haven’t had a single response….

Follow the steps listed in this easy to use manual and change that.
Using an in-depth experience gained through a long career in Employment Services, Nicole collated all her knowledge to provide you with a step by step guide to revamp your resume, rocket fuel your job search and get that job – all in 50 days or less.

Written in a simple and easy to read style with real examples and case studies, each step is broken into an easy to do activity to move you closer to your dream job. Ready to get that new job? Start today.

Career accelerator package 1

Replicate results. Not work.
Why do extra work when you could already be in your dream job? Through my tested process, I’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximise your job search efforts from beginning to end. Read on to discover what your career accelerator package includes:

80 Things You Can Do Today To Find the Job of Your Dreams Guide
When people want to find their dream job they jump online, search for the job they want and submit their resume for the position along with everyone else who is doing the same thing. This can work, but here are 84 things you should also use when you start to look for the job of your dreams.

Get The Job You Love Workbook
I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt over the past 12+ years and put it in a workbook to help you discover your dream job and set an action plan to get results. You can either print this workbook out or type in the boxes provided.

Career Achievements Questionnaire
My guess is your resume needs some work and you have a hard time working out your achievements. You have probably heard that achievement based resumes are IN at the moment (True), but can’t quite work out how to craft your achievements so they shine on your resume. This is the same questionnaire I use with all my clients to help you identify what your achievements actually are.

3 X Resume Samples
The number one thing you can do for your career is to ensure that you have a super strong resume. In this package you will find 3 different samples of resumes that you can use to get results.

3 X Resume Templates
Included are three of my favourite resume templates so that you can create your own resume from scratch using the samples as guidelines. Simply copy and paste your own information into the templates provided and your new resume will be ready in minutes.

How Do I Find My Achievements For A Resume? - Nicole Coggan

Use this free 'Resume Achievement Questionnaire' to find your resume achievements and add these to your resume to get resume results.

Quick Tips To Improve Your Resume - Nicole Coggan

Want some quick tips to improve your resume today? Grab a copy of your current resume and lets get to work. I’ve attached a sample resume at the end of this video so you can see what I mean.

Your 10 Year Career Plan - Nicole Coggan

Hi, guys. Nicole Coggan here, and I have a question for you. Ready for it? What is your 10 year career plan? Where do you want to be in ten years time? I only have two questions for you today, that’s the first one. So, have a brainstorm about that. Where do you want to be in ten years time? Okay, you ready? You got that one written down? Why can’t you do that in six months? Yep, I know, big ask. I asked you to think about a ten-year plan, and now I’m saying why can’t you do it in six months. Well, why can’t you? Have a brainstorm about the reasons that you can’t achieve your 10-year career plan in six months, and then once you’ve listed those reasons why you can’t achieve it, I want you to go through, think outside the box, no matter how crazy they are, and come up with solutions for each reason that you’ve given.

Professional Resume and Selection Criteria Writer Sunshine Coast - Nicole Coggan

Professional Resume and Selection Criteria Writer. Sunshine Coast. 10+ Years Experience. Ready in 48 hours. $129 Resume, $49 Cover Letter. $169 Criteria.