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Updated by nicolejessicacoggan on Feb 08, 2022
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A comprehensive list of the best songs to listen to on a road-trip, or a school run or anytime you are in the car, really. I would love you to contribute your suggestions and to vote for your favourites. You can also come visit me here

Sunflower by Post Malone

I just like it. It's catchy AF.

Young, Dumb and Broke by Khalid

Again, it's catchy. I don't resonate with it at all except it got stuck in my head and I liked it.

Stay by Shakespeare's Sister

I listen to this when I need a creative boost. I don't know why it makes me more creative. It just does.

Oh Carolina by Shaggy

Again, I just love the beat. Catchy AF.

Hold My Girl by George Ezra

I just like the song.

RITMO by Black Eyed Peas

Again, Catchy AF.

Beautiful Life by Ace of Base

Another one of those songs that's great for long distance road trips.

Play That Song by Train

I just love the song.

Shotgun by George Ezra

If I have to listen to this song one more time..................It's my son's favorite and he sneaks it back on my playlist every time I delete it so he can listen to it on the way to school.

Still The Same by Bob Segar

I just love all things Bob Segar!

Heartache Tonight by the Eagles

Surprisingly upbeat considering the lyrics. I just love the Eagles.

You Get What You Give by The New Radicals

This song reminds me of my teenage years. I loved it then, I love it now. It never fails to take me back to a time when I was wild and free (and wild, did I mention wild)?

Cover Me In Sunshine by Pink

I just love Pink.

Token Angels by Wendy Matthews

Wendy Mathews is another artist who is highly underrated. I just love her. I was meant to see her live last September but Covid 19 had other plans.

Friday's Child by Wendy Matthews

Again, I just love Wendy.

Manic Monday by the Bangles

Just catchy! And great to get you motivated for work on a Monday Morning.

Come Let Go by Xavier Rudd

This song makes me feel really happy. Sometimes I meditate to it. I don't know why it has the effect on me but it does.

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

I totally get why my mother saved her tickets in a photo album from her Neil Diamond concerts. All his stuff is the bomb!.

Boys Like You by 360

I dated a guy who used to sing this song all the time. It's catchy and it got stuck in my head. Not my usual style but that's the fun part about dating..........the exposure to different music.

In The Night by Jesse Bloch Bootleg

The remixes this guy does is amazing. I have a whole playlist of my own devoted to his remixes. Other notable songs he has done include Still into You. Seriously, look him up on YouTube. His work is amazing.

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A comprehensive list of the best songs on my playlist and why they mean something to me. Not all these songs are recent. I love my old tunes so you will find quite the collection. Many of these songs have a personal meaning for me which I will go into below, some I just really like because of the tunes or the wording. I even broke them into categories for you. Fun Fact: I was playing my playlist down the river with a group of people one day and they asked if I had split personalities. My playlis