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Updated by Cyber Security on Jun 22, 2022
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CyberPeace Foundation - Cyber Security

CyberPeace Foundation(CPF) is an award-winning nonpartisan civil society organization.

Cyber Security Information — CyberPeace Foundation

Cyber Peace Foundation offers cyber security information avoiding any threats relevant to online crimes. Also, cyber security refers to protection systems connected to the internet from threats in cyberspace. In addition, cyber security information involves protecting software, data, and hardware. It even helps in preventing cyber criminals from gaining access to devices or networks. For this purpose, our team has problem-solving skills and technical aptitude.

Type of Attack in Cyber Security — CyberPeace Foundation

The professionals of the CyberPeace Foundation promises protection against any type of attack in cyber security. These attacks involve malware, phishing, password attack, zero-day exploit, cross-site scripting, Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack, and many others. Also, these types of attack involve denial-of-service (DOS) attack that works by flooding systems, servers, and/or networks with traffic to overload resources and bandwidth.

Twitter War over New I.T Rules Compliance — CyberPeace Foundation

With a growing global presence, social media platforms are under immense pressure to comply with local laws. Failure to do so could attract liabilities from lawsuits, fines and even imprisonment of companies or individuals associated with the platform in the respective country. The recent flip-flop about granting intermediary status to Twitter by the Indian government is an indication of the fact that there might be a high scope of responsibilities for such online platforms.

Prometheus Ransomware — CyberPeace Foundation

In Feb 2021, a new evil piece of software called 'Prometheus' hit headlines. Ransomware made its way upon humankind silently, through inconspicuous drive-by

Security tips for your iPhone — CyberPeace Foundation

The fundamental difference between an Apple and an Android Device, besides the hardware components, is Apple’s Proprietary iOS i.e. their mobile operating system, which is only available for Apple devices.

The Joker Malware — CyberPeace Foundation

The Joker Malware was specifically designed to stay under the radar of Google’s detection and verification process which is designed for the apps.

CyberPeace Foundation Report: Online Gaming World - Trust and Safety — CyberPeace Foundation

New Delhi [India], August 19 (ANI/NewsVoir): Today online gaming continues to have become a sky-rocketing business market. It is by no means a small industry. Perhaps, by the last quarter of 2021 approximately about 2.7 billion people globally is believed to be engaged into the segment of playing online games. This is accounting almost one-third of the total population across countries.

Facebook launches new initiative aimed at protecting children online

Facebook aims to protect children on the platform with the launch of a new initiative that encourages users to report and not share child abuse content on its platform.

The new initiative is called ‘Report it, don’t share it’ and is being undertaken in collaboration with civil society organisations like Aarambh India Initiative, Cyber Peace Foundation, and Arpan. Facebook introduced the new initiative through an animated video that uses visuals.

Future of Crypto and Cyber Casinos — CyberPeace Foundation

Technology is on the cusp of revolutionizing some of the most fundamental parts of everyday life. After all, the world began with barter and then proceeded to cash and checks before we got to this exciting concept known as cryptocurrency. And it seems that almost every week we hear about a new digital currency hitting the market or an old favourite skyrocketing to new heights.

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Each member of the CyberPeace Foundation has cyber security information that promotes a reduction in cybercrimes. Such information assists our professionals in…