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Electric Bikes and Accessories | Phat-eGo

Phat-eGo based in Oregon strives to lead the USA custom-built, high-performance e-bikes market, producing handcrafted high-quality electric bikes and accessories

New Attitude Adjustment | Electric Bike

New Attitude Adjustment | Electric Bike

Ideas to Modify Your Bike

 Everyone has different priorities and expectations from a bike, and finding all those qualities in one is a daunting task and can leave you in a dilemma. In such difficult decision-making situations, a custom-built e-bike is the best solution. You can make the alterations as per your needs.

Amazing 20-Inch Electric Bike | Phat-eGo

Get the best electric bike in the 20-inch size for small riders. It's also powerful enough for folks of modest stature. The 750w rear hub engine propels this small bike, which rides on huge tires. Right now, place your order.

Samsung E-Bike Battery- Phat-eGo

Phat-eGo provides a top-class battery for e-bikes, with high-quality Samsung lithium-ion cells for a higher range and longer battery life. Also, low in weight with an ergonomic design and manageable handling. Check out for more details

Order Custom Built E-Bikes Online | Paht-eGo

Looking for an electric bike? Order custom-built e-bikes from the Phat-eGo online store. You may also select your favorite style and color. Visit the website for more details

Mechanical or Hydraulic Brakes: Which Is Best for Your E-bike?

 Overall performance of an electric bike is subjective to multiple factors, and one crucial factor of all those factors is the braking system. It may seem to most people that braking systems are alike, but they aren’t in technical terms. Different types of breaks use different mechanisms, and they determine how slow-fast your bike slows down or how steady the stop is going to be and other important factors. 

Order Tektro Hydraulic Brake Set | Phat-eGo

Order Tektro Hydraulic Brake Set from Phat-eGo store built of high-quality material, packed with medium-weight oil, and engineered to offer you that extra braking strength when you need it most. For more information, please see the webpage.

Most reasonable 20-Inch Electric Bike | Phat-eGo

Get the best electric bike for little riders in the 20-inch size. It's also powerful enough for those of average size. This little bike, which rides on fat tires, is propelled by a 750w rear hub engine. Place your order right now.

15Ah Integrated E-Bike Battery Lithium-Ion | Phat-eGo

Order 15Ah integrated e-bike battery lithium-ion from Phat-eGo online store. it is made for long-lasting capacity and is easy to install in e-bikes. order now

Promax Suspension Seat Post | Phat-eGo

Make your e-bike more comfortable! The Promax suspension Seatpost is a terrific addition to any e-bike and comes at an affordable price. It is simple and straightforward to install, making it an ideal addition to your bike. Phat-eGo provides it online; order today.

Order Attitude 2×2 1250 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike | Phat-eGo

Phat-eGo provides the Attitude 2×2 finest fat tire electric bike, with 750 rear and 500 front hub motors, and its fat tire makes the ride wonderfully smooth and pleasurable. More information may be found on the website.

Best 27.5-Inch Electric Bike in Oregon | Phat-eGo

The Spirit is one of the most comfortable 27.5-Inch electric bikes in Oregon provided by Phat-eGo. Its simple elegance with classic styling provides the comfort and power for a great ride every time. Order now!!

Order Custom Electric Bike in Oregon | Phat-eGo

Welcome to Phat-eGo, Oregon's premier regular and customized electric bike store. Hand-built fat and thin tire, folding, and vintage electric bikes are available. For more information, go to the website.

Attitude Super 26-inch Fat Tire E-Bike in Portland

The “Attitude” is one of the most comfortable electric cruisers on the market today. The included front suspension and fat tires make this bike feel just as good on the trails as it does on the road. But the ride isn’t just smooth, its powerful too. With the 750W hub motor, you have the power, speed and comfort to do some real riding.

Swagger 1000W Electric Bike | Phat-eGo

One of the most comfortable electric bikes on the market now is the "Swagger." This bike feels just as unique on the trails and in the backcountry as on the road, thanks to the integrated front and mid-air suspension and fat tires.

Swell 24-Inch Fat Tire E-Bike in Portland (Oregon)

The 'Swell' 24-inch fat tire e-bike includes a 750W high-speed hub motor with a top speed of 27 mph. There are several colors to choose from. Place your order now!

Super 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bike Made in Oregon | Phat-eGo

Hero 26-inch fat tire electric bikes are the finest e-bikes with a pedal assist because they have lots of power and torque to climb hills. Place your order today!

Order Attitude 2×2 1250 Watt Dual Motor E-Bike Made in Oregon

The Attitude 2X2 is one of the most comfortable electric bikes on the market today. It will rapidly become your favorite e-bike for cruising around, your new commuter, and having adventures to locations further away.

Marvelous 1000 Watt Electric Bike (Portland) | Phat-eGo

Phat-eGo online store offers the best 1000-watt electric bike in Portland. You can ride with speed, power, and comfort wherever! The Swagger is a tough Hombre. Order now!

Get Bravado 27.5-Inch Electric Bike Online

Get a Bravado 27.5-inch electric bike online from one of Portland's most trusted brands, Phat-eGo. The 27.5-inch tires and girthy tires on this rigid-framed bike ride smoothly and quickly while offering a good deal of impact cushioning.