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Updated by Saul Fleischman on Nov 04, 2014
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Hashtag Optimization Tools

Sites and apps that provide hashtags from topics, not known hashtags, and let us use them to reach those interested in what we're sharing.

RiteTag: Hashtag smarts, scheduling, continuous revision of tagging tactics

See what the site does now for reaching beyond your followers with tags from words/topics/tags, rather than a hashtag only. And then, sharing, scheduling, and a learning machine to guide you to use tags that yielded desirable results to-date.

If you know of other tools that do this, please add them to this list.

CyBranding was suggested, but studying the site, I don't see a way to find hashtags from topics or terms - only from known tags. What's more, when I searched 'hashtagify' - I see 4 tweets in 4 days, and related tags: Twitter, Snowden, Prism, and Hashtags. Hashtags would be relevant. The rest...?

Cybranding: "no related tags" is what I get.

In the Cybranding - where to sign up / pay?

I would add to the list, and you are most welcome to, but, sorry, I don't see them as doing anything yet. - studied it, but do a search, see the tags they suggest, judge the relevancy, and draw your own conclusions. Search the same thing months later, and your conclusions may be deeper. I wonder about how/if they update related tags, and what they do for an algorithm to rank tags for relevancy and reach...? - pretty pricey for all of their three levels of paid services and what's more:
1. you must begin with a tag, not a topic
2. all you get is analysis, not the ability to post or share from the site.

So really, unless you know the right hashtag to begin with, you have nothing to begin with. And then, is a site for related hashtag analysis rather than productivity. No sharing, scheduling or stats on what you get for using the tags they suggest.

Definition of hashtags, the easy hashtag directory

Ever seen a hashtag on Twitter, and wondered what it is all about? Assign and vote on definitions.
After that, nothing to do with the tags, though - no sharing from the site.
Also, you need to begin with a hashtag, not a topic/word


This is more than an analytics tool. This is an engagement tool. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Vine.

However, they do not study your tagging and the results you get, so you'll never know how to refine and #reachbeyondyourfollowers with increasing effectiveness. Pretty, though - like a Pinterest for Hashtagged material.