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Updated by American Sex Dolls on Apr 23, 2022
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Top 10 Most Stunning Fantasy Sex Dolls

From Vampires, Witches and Elves there are so many possibilities and wild adventures to be had. So to make your life a little bit easier, we put together the top 10 most stunning Fantasy Sex Dolls.


AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — IRONTECH Scarlet 166 cm Elf Sex Doll

Used to sitting on her throne, worshipped for her beauty, Scarlet secretly wishes for someone that can take over control. Someone that she can worship, that will dominate her and make her beg like she never begged before.

She will definitely put up a fight because that's just how she's used to be. You will just have to show her who is actually in control, and then you will have a hot elf to do with as you please.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Avatar Blue Skin Sex Doll USA

Neyti has been fighting through the galaxies for as long as she can remember and her charms have never been left unnoticed.
Her soft blue skin with rosy nipples together with her fiery hair will leave any man dying to have a piece of her. She knows how to use that to her advantage, she likes fighting as much as she likes pleasure so she was sure to take what she wanted from the men that couldn’t resist her.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — SEdoll 150cm Samantha sex doll

Samantha is a special kind of Elf, her horns maker her look incredibly unique and those stunning purple eyes set her apart from all the other elves. She may be petite but there is nothing fragile about her, she possesses the kind of power that makes it impossible to resist her. Who would want to anyway?

Her size makes her a great option for those who want a lightweight doll while still having all the fantasy characteristics

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Elven busty sex doll SE 167cm E-Cup Charlot

Charlot looks ready for Christmas and more than ready to be your naughty Christmas Elf. So why not take this opportunity to get yourself an early gift in the form of this stunning sex doll?

Charlot's striking blue eyes with a soft face make her look very sweet, but when you take a look at all she has to offer you will be impressed with her stunning athletic body with beautiful big breasts. Let's not forget about her cute elf ears that on her just manages to make her even sexier.


If we had to pick the most unique fantasy love doll, Fiel would be it, an Elf Vampire Hybrid with some very extreme fantasy features. Despite her small size (150cm) everything else seems to be big, big almost anime-like eyes, big pointy ears, and of course the most obvious her curvy body with huge breasts and a big ass.

Being half-vampire has its perks, those vampire teeth are eager for a little bite.


Dora has something about her that makes her look almost dangerous. Her fiery red hair with that amazing tall body with a very slim waist and big breasts give her a seductive edge while her big elf ears and big eyes add a little bit of cuteness to her whole look.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — SE 168cm | 5ft5 F-Cup

Luis is an Elf Warrior Queen with mesmerizing blue eyes. She knows how to command an army and she will do anything in her power to always come out as the winner.

She has soft facial features but her body is what really sets her apart. Her soft curves and big breasts look very realistic but when paired with the sexy elf ears makes her the perfect combination of realistic and fantasy.

AMERICAN SEX DOLLS CO. — Original WM Sex Doll 160cm Elf

If you want your very own Elf but prefer sweet women and more subtle fantasy features, Bell will be the perfect companion for you.

She is rocking the cute elf ears and stunning eyes but her overall look is much sweeter than our previous dolls. Almost as an Elf pretending to be a human, so whether you want to set her free so she can be her true self or you want to help her on her journey of blending in, Bell will put a spell on you and turn your life into a sweet fantasy.


Anabella looks like the perfect sexy Witch and her whole vibe is just intriguing.

Her tall slim body with a tiny waist and those incredible breasts only get better when you stare into her beautiful eyes. She is ready to put a spell on you and keep you in her forest cabin for the rest of your life. Can you imagine all the naughty things Anabella is willing to do? Because to us, she looks like a very naughty little witch.


The Khaleesi of the vampires, Layla is quite the stunner. Her pointy ears are rivaled by her pointy nipples. With a very slim waist and big perky boobs, her body proportions add to her fantasy looks.

The add-on of vampire teeth and tongue make her extremely sexy with an edge of danger. Layla is a strong vampire queen that won't take no for an answer and is known for being extremely kinky, so if you take your chances with her, be prepared for the wildest adventure of your life.