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Website Tips for Webmasters

Some great tips for webmasters to increase sales and leads for their websites

Your Small Web Site Not Ranking Well In Google? Matt Cutts Wants To Know About It.

Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts, asked last night via Twitter for webmasters and SEOs to fill out a survey on the topic of small sites and Google rankings. Matt Cutts asked "if there's a small website that you think should be doing better in Google, tell us more here.

Wall Street Journal Calls Him A Top Influencer -- My Interview with Neil Patel

I had the pleasure of interviewing Neil Patel who is the owner of KissMetrics & CrazyEgg. Neil is a SEO wizard and has the best online marketing blog on the World Wide Web (in my opinion). In fact, Quick Sprout is one of the top 10 blogs for business advice.

How To Run A Website As A Side Project - While Still Having Time For Your Life

A website can potentially be a hugely profitable venture that can bring you a full-time salary and allow you to give up your day job. Contrary to popular belief though, getting it to that point and maintaining it is actually a lot of work and not something that you can sleepwalk through.

SEO Guide - A Day of SEO Kindergarten

The A - Z list of SEO Terms and what they really mean in simple terms.

Link Building 101: How to Conduct a Backlink Analysis

Every day, individuals who are new to SEO need to learn the basics of link building and important concepts and strategies within a campaign. This link building 101 post will continue the education of new link builders, this time on the topic of how to perform a backlink analysis Being able to perform a thorough backlink analysis is a fundamental element to any link building campaign.

Google Humming-Bird Algorithm Update -Get Ready For 2014

Google Humming-Bird Algorithm Update -Get Ready For 2014 Google is a #1 Dot Com company in the world simply since their results are 100% significant to the search query. Their algorithms are extremely strong and equipped to get out spammers from SERP's (search engines results pages) that is the reason people love this amazingly strong search engine.

Link Reclamation - Whiteboard Friday

Chances are good that your brand is mentioned on the web far more often than you realize, simply because the author who mentioned you didn't put in a proper link to your site. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Ross Hudgens walks us through several tools and tactics you can use to reclaim those links.

Don't lose your visitors! - Speed up your website

You have probably noticed it yourself when you are waiting for a website to load. The page is coming, and coming, and coming, and then you say to yourself - "I have better things to do!" (I use more swear words, but that is just me). After losing your patience, you leave the site!

Tumblr as an SEO Tool

Many of us who have been doing the hybrid search/social game for long enough remember what it was like to discover Tumblr. I got in pretty early and was able to get Social News as one of my Tumblogs, a pretty decent subdomain that is (unfortunately) completely underutilized and really just focuses on my Instagram pictures.

What You Need to Understand about Google Penguin Recovery

Anyone who runs an SEO agency has experienced the following scenario. A client comes to you and explains they ranked number one for a keyword(s) before Penguin. They got hit, having fallen into near invisibility in the Google SERPs and are desperate to get their Google traffic back and recover from Penguin.

25+ Considerations for Selecting a WordPress eCommerce Solution

Over the last six months we've seen a huge increase in the number of inquiries for WordPress eCommerce. I have no idea why, but the trend is something I can no longer ignore. It seems everyone wants to sell online and they want to use WordPress eCommerce.

Unconventional Keyword Tools

10 Unconventional Keyword Research Tools to Include in Your SEO Toolbox

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12 Powerful And Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

To speed up your WordPress is to speed up your website pages. In this post, I share easy yet powerful ways I have been able to significantly reduce page loading times for my website. These 12 easy ways are for you to consider for your website too!

How To Check Google Keyword Ranking - Simple Guide

Image Credit Checking keyword ranking in Google is the mandatory part of search engine optimization to know the position of your blog posts in Google. Having good position in Google of your blog posts means more traffic from search engines like Google and more organic traffic means more benefits.

15 Best Media Kit Examples For Inspiration

A lot has been talked recently focusing on the value of media kits for blog owners in this digital world. If you do not have the slightest of the ideas about what a media kit is or how to create an effective media kit, we've got you covered.

Revealing How To Get a Google Penalty Revoked Here

You may have remembered way back when I was hit with a Google penalty here. Right? I hope you haven't been hit by one or get hit by a Google penalty in the future. That's why I'm writing and revealing about this one for you.

SEO Plugin Yoast Makes SEO Easy For Your Blog

Why the SEO Plugin Yoast Makes SEO Easy For You Now I know many of you struggle with SEO so I wanted to share this great tool with you. Since SEO has chang

Why We Love BoldGrid (And You Should, Too!)

Use BoldGrid to create a customized, gorgeous website you have always wanted In this article, we will discuss BoldGrid, a powerful drag-and-drop website

SEO in 2018: Why SEO is More Important in 2018 Than Ever Before

Is SEO worth in 2018? The answer is Yes! If you want your content to be found online quickly, then here are some SEO techniques you must use. Explore why SEO is still relevant this year.

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