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Headline for The Future of Ink Digital Publishing Roundup: August 9-15, 2013
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The Future of Ink Digital Publishing Roundup: August 9-15, 2013

10 articles about digital publishing, writing, self-publishing and marketing your digital content. These are articles we've shared on our social networks during the past week and believe are worthy of your attention.


Seth's Blog - An End of Books

Books, those bound paper documents, are part of an ecosystem, one that was perfect, and one that is dying, quickly. Ideas aren't going away soon, and neither are words. But, as the ecosystem dies, not only will the prevailing corporate systems around the paper book wither, but many of the treasured elements of its consumption will disappear as well.

Five things Jeff Bezos should do to reinvent the sinking ship that is the Washington Post

A A There's been a metric ton or so of digital ink spilled over Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his acquisition of the venerable Washington Post since the deal was announced on Monday ( we've collected some of the best responses and analysis for you), with dozens of different interpretations of his potential motivations for the $250-million purchase.

63 Social Media Hashtags for Book Authors

Inspired by a similar post over at Training Authors (, I compiled my own list of 63 hashtags for book authors and ebook authors to use on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Vine vs. Instagram: Short Social Video Marketing Ideas for Business

As video becomes the most popular way to share information, companies are vying to be the top platform. The latest craze has been Instagram launching video capabilities, putting it in competition with Vine. While many comment on the rivalry of Instagram vs. Vine, the problem isn't which is a better platform.

What NOT to Post When Marketing Your Book - 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid via @Trainingauthors

For the past 7 days, this has been the most popular post on The Future of Ink. If you missed it, it's definitely one don't want to miss.
by Shelley Hitz Have you heard of the popular TV show, "What Not to Wear"? Well, in this blog post, I am not going to cover fashion, but instead I will be focusing on what NOT to post when marketing your book on social media.

The flattening of e-book sales

In a post on the first day of this year, I noted the surprisingly rapid decline in e-book sales growth over the course of 2012. The trend appears to be continuing this year. The Association of American Publishers reports that in the first quarter of 2013, overall e-book sales in the U.S.

Wattpad, the social network for aspiring writers, launches a crowdfunding feature

A A Wattpad, the Toronto-based startup that runs a social network for aspiring writers, has been described by one of its investors as "the YouTube of writing," because of the way it allows amateur creators to share their work with the world.

11 Must-Haves for Author Websites

This article was written by guest contributor Marcie Hill of Overcoming Blogger's Block .] A website is the most essential tool in an author's marketing toolbox. In addition to serving as the online home for your book, it's great for marketing, promotions and building a community around your book.

Meet The Press: Shrewd Tips for Book Publicity

Ebooks are available up to four months earlier than their print counterparts. Those digital editions can be delivered to the media for review or story research very swiftly and without the delays of printing and shipping. And, professional readers can easily have hundreds of digital titles available at once on their screen.

How to create stop motion animations with your iPhone and Google+ Auto Awesome feature

If you're going to understand this post, you'll first need to see my Auto Awesome in action. This might be a bit of a departure from a traditional lesson in iPhone Photography, but I always feel it's important to experiment with new technologies.