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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
Headline for A Guide to Discovering Hidden Gems in Adelaide, Australia - A Place of Plenty
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A Guide to Discovering Hidden Gems in Adelaide, Australia - A Place of Plenty

There is plenty to do in Adelaide catering to every type of holidaymaker. Go there for the mouth-watering array of cuisine, or the adventure exploring the many sunken ships off its coast. Chase a waterfall and do more. Check out this guide to discovering hidden gems in Adelaide.


Explore the Morialta Conservation Park

Any time you want to escape city life, the Morialta Conservation Park is there to the rescue. One of the closest nature reserves to holiday apartments Adelaide has to offer, this pretty plot of nature promises to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Go there to fall in love with the rugged beauty of nature as you trek across ancient ridges or seek out waterfalls. There are plenty of walking trails located within the park such as the Morialta Falls Valley Walk; easy access even with the kids in tow. Located around 30 minutes from popular accommodation spots like iStay Precinct Adelaide, this is a park that should make it to the list.


Enjoy a Barbie in a Doughnut Float

A lovely way to explore Adelaide from the water, and enjoy a barbeque at the same time, is the BBQ Buoys. Manage your vessel and float along Adelaide's River Torrens, as you cook up your favourite food on the grill. Each doughnut-shaped boat is fitted with a barbeque grill, table, and Bluetooth connection, and a large, shady sun umbrella for getting that lovely lazy afternoon vibe going.


Savour the Holistic Serenity of a Japanese Garden

Located right smack in the city centre, the Adelaide Himeji Garden is perfect for a day of serenity. Savour the holistic nature of this pretty garden, which is designed to make you forget your worries. Made up of a well-manicured garden, the park features ornamental gates, a calm and reflective lake as well as stepping stones across the water, so designed to instil alertness in your mind.


Go Be a Cry Baby

Located as West End, Cry Baby is a laid-back bar, which is perfect for evening drinks and relaxing after a long day of sightseeing. This is the kind of place where you can let your hair down. The lights are dim and the cocktail list is not mind-boggling. The music plays at a pretty good volume adding to the carefree vibe of the place where you can be just another local, savouring an Australian beer at the bar, playing a game of pool, playing your favourite tunes at the jukebox, and simply chilling till the night is old.


Go Check Out the Ship Graveyard

The colourful marine history of South Australia is reflected at the Garden Island Ships' Graveyard Maritime Heritage Trail. This final resting place for ocean vessels is made up of over 25 forgotten sail ships, barges, ferries, and steamers, which were left there between 1909-1945. An exotic and disturbing kind of atmosphere prevails there, from the broken and forgotten remnants of the vessels to the lush mangrove forests, which seem to shield the graveyard from outside elements.