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The 7 types of parsers which you can use

Here is a list of different types of parses which you can use while doing Document parsing.

What type of document parsers should you use? | Visionify

Document parsers are text analysis applications that have different subtypes.Text mining tools use a variety of approaches to extract data.

How can AI Improve Employee Engagement? - Visionify

By using artificial intelligence in their workplace, companies are able to help employees be happy and improve employee engagement.

Ultimate Guide to Emotion Recognition from Facial Expressions - Visionify

Our facial expressions reflect our inner feelings emotion recognition from facial expressions helps us understand people better.

Visionify Provides Scalable Computer Vision Solutions for Your Business Needs: GoodFirms

We are proud to announce that is recognized as one of the top Software Development companies in the United States by GoodFirms.

How does Real-time Fall Detection using Pose Estimation work? - Visionify

Pose Estimation is locating human joints (elbows and wrists), mainly known as key points in video and image frames.

Why employee appreciation is important? - Visionify

Employee appreciation is an essential part of the work culture in any organization and feel valued when they are appreciated.

How to keep up Company Culture in Remote Working World ? - Visionify

Company culture is vital in modern workplace. According to a Glassdoor survey, 56 % of employees value a positive culture over a good salary

How Computer Vision is helping to build safer Workplaces? - Visionify

Businesses have expanded their Health & safety measures yet accidents still happen. This is where computer vision comes into play.

10 Helpful ways to give back to the Community - Visionify

You can make a difference in the community by volunteering. When it comes to serving society any activity can significantly impact anything small or big.